We’re going to have a great time entering into the holiday season together! Thank you for joining me on this fun course where we’ll be drawing and painting cozy and joy-filled homes.

I’m honored you’re here to join me.

Here is the link to enter the course. You can also find the link on your “my account” page.

I’ve broken down the course into sessions. Each session is a complete art project. For example, “Red Roof Home.”

Then, each session is broken down into separate video lessons: the drawing (sometimes part 1 & 2), the painting (sometimes part 1 & 2) and the final touches.

You can do all of them together – but be sure to let the paint completely dry before going onto final touches! – or, you can do them one portion at a time as your schedule allows.

Christmas is an important holiday for so many reasons. In recent years, it seems more and more of us are being depleted by the season instead of invigorated by it. My goal is that as you take creative time to draw and paint, some of the wonder of the season will enter in to your life.

There is something about taking some time -even simply 15 minutes at a time- to create that adds space to our very full lives.

If you have questions, you can leave a comment on the lesson page. Or, you can hop over to the private Facebook page here to ask questions, share your work and more.

I’ll be doing a few LIVE workshops on Facebook (look for the email where I’ll be announcing those). I’d love for you to join in on those. If you can’t you can go back and see them an your convenience.

Okay, we’ve got cozy winter scenes to create.

Here is the list of recommended supplies you’ll need for Enter In: Creating a Season of Comfort & Joy.



  • Alizarin Crimson OR Cadmium Red (light or medium)
  • Cadmium Yellow (light or medium)
  • Green, can be Hookers Green or Permanent Green (NOT sap green)
  • Raw Sienna
  • Payne’s Gray
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Permanent Rose OR Thalo Crimson
  • I highly recommend a second blue that is lighter and brighter (such as cerulean or phalo blue- see the note below).

Nice to Haves:

  • Different Blues – Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue,
  • I fell in love with Thalo Blue…it’s a bright cold blue that works beautifully with plums, purples, greens. It’s super fun to have. It’s hard to create that blue from the essentials list, so if it fits within your budget, I highly recommend it. (Cerulean blue is another option if Thalo Blue is out).
  • Sap Green
  • Purple
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Raw Umber

I’ll show you how to make purples, oranges and greens with our essential list of paint. It’s hard to get a pink that I really love so I make that one an essential.

Feel free to get any other colors you would like (including a purple, for example). I don’t want to give a long list of supplies, so I do my best to keep it short.


Paper & Brushes

Watercolor Paper, cold press, 140 lb.

Your choice to buy a larger size of watercolor paper and cut it out to different sizes or buy a smaller pad, such as the 6×9 Watercolor Pad I found at Michales.

Quality of paper does change with manufactuer. I like to touch it and feel it; there should be an uneven texture to it. If you’re buying online, Strathmore and Bristol are both reliable brands.

Another option is to get one of these visual journals. I LOVE these. They are wonderful for moving around, you don’t have to tape down the pages and they make for a wonderful keepsake.

Brushes, a round tip, filbert and straight for details.

Each brush has a size on it (should be printed on the handle).

You won’t need anything bigger than a size 10 for this class!

A small, pointed tip brush that is a size 2 or 4 will be essential for the detail work we do.

I’m not picky about sizes. Please, use what you have. We’ll make it work.


Masking Tape

Micron Pen – I use a size 0.5, but if that runs out (and it does in one of the sessions!) I grab a 0.1 or a 0.3 or even a 0.8. (usually found on the fine art aisle of the craft store, but I’ve seen them in the scrapbooking/paper section too!)

White Gel Pen (find these on the scrapbook or stamping aisle of your fave craft store).

White craft paint (the kind that ranges from 0.89-1.29 at the store.).

Paper towels

Your favorite hot drink or something relaxing. We’re going to have fun. I want you to feel like you can cozy up with your paint, these videos and something delightful to sip on. I’ll have either my coffee or my peppermint tea as I’m painting alongside of you!