Paint the Dreams & Prayers in Your Heart

Deby Dearman stood in front of a small group of us, her eyes bright as she talked with lots of expression. It was a hot, humid day in Nashville and we leaned in to listen, captivated by her story and curious to see where she was going with her topic of painting your dreams and prayers onto canvas. Deby’s arms moved around, pointing to color-drenched paintings on both sides of the small auditorium. She shared how she started painting her prayers and dreams. Her life as a musician and singer had been altered when she lost her ability to sing, … Read More

5 Creative Warm Up Exercises I Do When All Energy Is Gone

Travel restrictions started to hit hard towards the middle end of March. Since my work is mostly travel, I knew it was going to affect me in a huge way. I wasn’t wrong. Thankfully, my company pivoted, and I transitioned into a work from home position. There was a silver lining to all of this. No travel meant more time at home which meant more time for creating! What a relief. With everything going on: in the world, in the nation, in the state, in the community, in the circle of family and friends all over the place and then … Read More

Paint a Spring Flower Bouquet in Less than 30 Minutes

When I was a teenager, my grandfather spent a lot of time with me, giving me pointers and tips on how to draw. As I look back, I wished we’d spent more time going over the finer techniques of creating gorgeous landscapes, cityscapes and beautiful scenes. I have so many questions. How did he create crowds of people who looked so lifelike, but didn’t have so much detail? How does one do that? How does one create the waterways of Venice or the scene of a side street in Paris or the color-drenched homes and stone walkways of Bruges? I … Read More

How to Create Flowers with Splatter Art

Several years ago, one of my dear friends, Timmery, sent me a picture of a beautiful picture of a field of wildflowers, made almost entirely out of acrylic splatters on canvas. The link to the site or facebook page (I think it was a facebook page) has been lost, but the memory of that wild field captured my heart. This summer the desire to create fun, high energy, color-drenched  paintings became an obsession. I’d switched jobs and the travel demands left less time for creating and really not much time for the larger, more detailed work I’d done in the … Read More

How to Pack Art Supplies To Take Almost Anywhere

Art supplies are bulky. But you don’t have to let the awkwardness of art supplies keep you from being creative on your next trip! Whether you travel for work, have a day trip planned or a week away, take your art supplies with you. There’s few things like being out of the routine environment to stimulate creativity. There’s ways to work around carrying around a lot of stuff. Here’s what I do. A DIY Compact Paint Palette In Instagram stories last year I shared the watercolor palette I put together for on-the-go. I can’t take credit for the idea, I … Read More