How to Create Home Paintings with Watercolor

Have you considered painting watercolor homes for fun and a way to “travel” to other places? Painting home scenes with watercolor may be easier than you think, and it’s certainly a lot of fun! From a young age, I learned books were the portal to a wide world of travel and exploration. As I got older, I wanted more of an active role. Adulthood meant I could travel without waiting for someone to take me or permission to go! My first solo trip to the ocean is a precious memory. I spent hours walking up and down the beach, enjoying … Read More

How to Paint Tulips in All Sorts of Ways

painting tulips step by step

Last week, my youngest sister mentioned to me it drives her crazy to have a tutorial where the step by step actions aren’t laid out. I can relate. When I take art classes, I like to go step by step with them. I learn by doing. I created a tutorial on YouTube all about painting tulips, but I thought I would show you a step by step picture on how I often create these lovely flowers. I find painting tulips is an exercise in orderly creativity. Tulips are rather elegant, especially for the spring. The season has such an exuberant, … Read More