Celebrate the Season with this Simple Weekly Advent Painting

Perhaps the beauty of Advent is that it is an invitation to quiet reflection and intentional waiting in the middle of turbulent times. In so many Christmas seasons past, it was all systems go. Do all the things. Ignore all the limits. Run, do, make, bake, volunteer, give, support, decorate. But it was important to do something intentional to focus on Jesus and not all the activities, as beautiful as those are. To rest in His love and experience the discomfort of longings that have not yet come to pass. There was a desire for an activity where I could … Read More

Simple Steps to Paint Stunning Sunflowers

If tulips are my favorite flower to paint in the spring, sunflowers are my favorite flower to paint in the summer. Sunflowers are fabulous to paint for artists of all levels, whether you are starting out with the first time, re-engaging with paint after a hiatus or have been painting for some time. In this post, I’ll share a few tips to paint these graceful, sturdy flowers. Of course, practice is the best teacher of all. If you’d prefer to enjoy sunflowers in already-made art, you can see stationery, stickers and a limited print edition of a new Sunflower painting … Read More