How to Paint Cake and Some Thoughts on Celebrating

In this week’s YouTube video, I created a video how to paint a beautiful, delicious cake with a slice removed, “Let’s Paint Cake.” I love to create ideas where it looks as if someone might step into the scene and become a part of it. I thought you might like that too. A dear friend sent me a text last week. “I love the simple things. One day we will realize that the simple things were really the most important things.” At that is why, I decided to create a celebratory painting this week, to celebrate the joy of the … Read More

How to Add More Happy to Your Painting and Paper Art!

  There may be no better time than a time of crisis to help influence and shape our surroundings, mood and others for the better. For many of this, while the crisis of COVID-19 persists, it’s also turned into a state of perpetual anxiety as we wait… and wait…. and wait. It takes effort to keep one’s spirits up! One thing that helps me maintain a optimistic, hopeful outlook is including happy colors into my artwork and surroundings. Like many of you, I’ve loved lots of color since I was a child. But my understanding of color exploded like a … Read More