Create a Vision Board for the 2nd Half of the Year

Part 2 in a series on creating a vision for the rest of the year. Read the first post here. An early morning June breeze blows through the window. The romantic music of the 2009 Pride & Prejudice movie plays softly. The envelope of words has been poured on the floor. Three packets of paper lay beside them. I flip through the papers, stopping on the earthy, neutral tones that have just an edge of gold to them. But then the pink and plum floral paper catches my eye. That’s what is in my heart and mind right now. It’s … Read More

Paint the Dreams & Prayers in Your Heart

Deby Dearman stood in front of a small group of us, her eyes bright as she talked with lots of expression. It was a hot, humid day in Nashville and we leaned in to listen, captivated by her story and curious to see where she was going with her topic of painting your dreams and prayers onto canvas. Deby’s arms moved around, pointing to color-drenched paintings on both sides of the small auditorium. She shared how she started painting her prayers and dreams. Her life as a musician and singer had been altered when she lost her ability to sing, … Read More

The Birth of a Vision the Launch of a Stationery Line and 10 Reasons Why You Should Write out a Vision for the Rest of the Year

Did you plant a garden this year? Gardening is a beloved spring and summer hobbies. Planting a handful of seeds, feeling the dirt in-between my fingers, watching the earthworms wiggle through the soft earth as I made small holes. Then, the waiting. A small green something pushes through and then a stalk unfurls, so tiny and fragile. I do my best to protect it from snails and curious pets. More days waiting, more watering and so much anxiety! Would the carrots make it this year? Would the watermelon vines produce a watermelon (and would the darn melon actually taste good … Read More