New Yellow Home Cards for Fall

The third card of the fall, the ‘Home Sweet Home,’ yellow house with a darling twiggy wreath is available for release today! This was one of my favorite house paintings I created this year. It captures the feeling of joy, comfort, and safety that we find when we are with our favorite people (and favorite animals?) and feel secure, safe, and able to rest, even when everything outside is chaotic. And honestly, I just loved the way the twiggy wreath on the front door came out. There is something about wreaths that are all twigs in the fall. Feels like … Read More

My Memory Journal from Spring 2020

A few times a year, I pull out a manila folder of the last few months of memories, print off pictures from my camera and phone and journal in thoughts into a very loose, messy sort of art journal / memory collage I like to call my Joyful Journals. I thought it might be fun to give you an inside peek at the Joyful Journal came out from the second quarter of the year. Keeping these joyful journals  changed the way I look back on life since I started creating them a few years ago. I write about it a … Read More

How to Use Cards to Connect with Clients

Writing cards on a personal level is a practice I’ve done for years. It was only a few years ago, I realized writing cards is an effective and personal way to stay engaged in my professional life as well. While the points of the previous article, 7 Ways to Write Cards to Keep You Connected, is more for personal use, this article is specific to the unique ways professionals can stay connected, helpful and in touch with their existing and new clients. Using Cards to be a Resource and Guide Sending a card with a helpful study, article or guide … Read More

7 Ways to Connect to Others with Cards

  Writing long letters may fall in and out of the trend cycle, but the art of connecting with people through cards will never get old. Sending cards in the mail with a personal message extends feelings of goodwill. I think that’s why Christmas cards and holiday newsletter updates are so welcoming. We are so busy and spread apart across cities, states and even countries. Seeing a picture of someone’s family with updates of graduations and new births and milestones of the past year feels like we had a conversation. I realize that most people post milestone events things online, … Read More