How to Add More Happy to Your Painting and Paper Art!

  There may be no better time than a time of crisis to help influence and shape our surroundings, mood and others for the better. For many of this, while the crisis of COVID-19 persists, it’s also turned into a state of perpetual anxiety as we wait… and wait…. and wait. It takes effort to keep one’s spirits up! One thing that helps me maintain a optimistic, hopeful outlook is including happy colors into my artwork and surroundings. Like many of you, I’ve loved lots of color since I was a child. But my understanding of color exploded like a … Read More

How to Use a Spring Palette in Your Art Work

I was walking by a kitchen store recently, one of my favorites to browse in- Sur La Table. They had the loveliest spring dish set that with a blue hydrangea floral pattern. The pattern was a little on the large size- too big for elegant summer or a formal winteresque meal- but it was perfect for spontaneous spring. The flowers seemed almost as if they might float off the plates. I felt happy just looking at these dishes. Suddenly I was standing in the walkway of the store, mentally laying out the menu for a spring brunch and thinking,  “what … Read More

How to Choose Paint Colors for a Basic Spring Palette

One of the reasons I love using a seasonal palette for art work is the way the colors naturally sing when they’re placed together.  I love, love, love when the colors harmonize in a happy, light hearted way, fully of playfulness and inviting energy. Take cues from nature when you create your palette.  It’s easier to see what colors work well together- the yellow greens, the bright flowers, the crisp blue sky. You don’t have to know why they go well together, although knowing the reason why is very helpful as you grow. I use a large palette, place the … Read More

How to Create Spring Color Palette

Okay,  let’s talk color today. Specifically, spring color. Why have seasonal palettes? Because if you put together a group of colors before you start painting,  you’ll know automatically what colors work and go together…and what colors don’t. There’s nothing like being really happy with how a lovely watercolor sketch is coming along and in the middle of thinking about how your mum will really enjoy this one, you get stuck on what kind of yellow to use. It’s a spring palette (so all the colors should be primary, bright, exuberant), but you choose a opaque yellow ochre and all of … Read More