New Art to Start 2020 With!

 The fun thing about a new year is the planning and creating of new art collections under my art design name, The Creative Season. There are new projects and collections I’m so excited to share with you, but it’s a little early yet… So for now, here are two brand new paintings for the new year. Both are full of color and lots of anticipation. And that is the name of the first painting, ‘Anticipation.’ It’s been my heart’s desires to get married and have my own family for many, many years. I don’t know why what a normative experience … Read More

A Guide to Seasonal Archetypes for Your Brand

Hey creative friends!  I wrote this post when I was writing marketing material for small business owners, so you’ll read the occasional branding and business development reference BUT the concept of seasonal archetypes is the same whether you are designing the look of your business or choosing what colors to paint your next gorgeous art piece. Enjoy! You and I can have the most helpful, creative, incredible business in the world, but if we sink into the abyss of looking and sounding like everyone else, no one will know we will exist, we won’t connect with the right customers and … Read More