5 Color Secrets to Make Your Instagram Feed Pop

Do you remember the “Color Me Beautiful” phenomenon that was going on in the 90’s? I was a kid when the “Color Me Beautiful” phase was going on, too young to participate in it myself, but completely intrigued when the women in my family would talk about it. The book revolves around helping women look their best by choosing colors (and later style choices) that brought out their best features instead of trying to go along with trends. Okay, the pictures are way outdated and you can figure out the era of publication by looking at the author’s hair styles … Read More

Brown is Not Boring: How to Use Brown To Create Stability

When I think of brown, I think of coffee, chocolate and tree trunks, some of my favorite things! What do you think of? At first glance, brown might seem like a rather dull color! But wait, it’s not. Brown is not only incredibly varied in shades and tones, it can add a sense of strength, wisdom and stability to a visual style, whether for business or personal style. What the Color Brown Conveys Brown is a stabilizing color. It signals security and stability, reliability.  Think of tree trunks, especially those of trees that have been around for decades and longer. … Read More

3 Tips for Choosing What to Wear to your Next Interview

On one of the worst interviews I ever did I blame on my clothes. I wore pumps with higher heels than I was used to and a skirt that was a tad shorter than my normal hit-the-knee level. I was also dressed in all black. Stilettos, A-line skirts and an all-black outfit looks amazing on some people. For me, it was a disaster. It wasn’t a disaster because of the clothes themselves, but because of how I felt in them and how I exuded those feelings without even meaning too. And because I felt nervous and awkward, my conversation stuttered … Read More

How to Add Energy to Your Life & Business with Orange

I was standing next to my grandpa, probably twelve or thirteen at the time. Side by side, we looked at a series of paintings Grandpa recently finished, all hung up on the wall for him and my grandma -his partner in business and life- to evaluate. He leaned over to me and nodded towards the paintings. “People like orange,” he said. “They’re drawn to it. But it’s important-” and when he said this, he tilted his head towards me and looked at me from the corner of his glasses, “-not to use too much.” I took it all in, nodding … Read More