Brown is Not Boring: How to Use Brown To Create Stability

When I think of brown, I think of coffee, chocolate and tree trunks, some of my favorite things! What do you think of? At first glance, brown might seem like a rather dull color! But wait, it’s not. Brown is not only incredibly varied in shades and tones, it can add a sense of strength, wisdom and stability to a visual style, whether for business or personal style. What the Color Brown Conveys Brown is a stabilizing color. It signals security and stability, reliability.  Think of tree trunks, especially those of trees that have been around for decades and longer. … Read More

The Defining Look of a Winter-Linked Business Design

You can’t ignore winter. It’s storms demand that we often reroute our lives (as in the snow days my nephews are experiencing right now up north) or at least take precautions: putting on extra layers, taking a rain coat and umbrella, ensuring the house has the right precautions so pipes don’t freeze. The winter-linked personality, whether in a person or a business, exudes a personality that is hard to ignore. Winter-linked personalities of both people and business demand to be noticed by the sheer essence of who they are: bold, decisive, high quality, known by their excellent craftsmanship. They’re the … Read More