How to Finish 2020 with Grace & Gumption

  I’m writing this from a hospital waiting room. My mom went in for a total hip replacement late this morning, got into the OR around 1:00 and then proceeded to have a procedure that lasted twice as long as planned. Because of the health crisis of the year, I can’t go back to see her in recovery (I’m quite thankful that I’ve been able to wait in the waiting room!) but I did get to talk to her on the phone. The pain is insanely awful, to say it mildly. We both know the next couple of days will … Read More

8 Ways Journaling Can Change Your Life

When I say journaling has changed my life, I don’t mean that lightly. I’ll share one example here. Not going to go into details, but there was a fairly big fallout in my family a few years back. The hurt ran deep, very deep, and many once-precious relationships were severed. There was one particular family member who had caused me a great deal of pain and I was having a hard time making the choice to forgive this person. I knew I should, but I was thinking of a lot of reasons not to forgive. Well, I was going through … Read More