Tips for Taking Great Photos in France with the iPhone 8 Plus

The light is different in Paris. I’m told the light is bluer. Personally, I couldn’t identify exactly what it was, but there was something different in both Paris and in Belgium and almost all my pictures turned out quite lovely. Today I wanted to share some of the things I learned about using an iPhone camera exclusively while on a big trip and why I’m taking my DSLR with me on the next trip. Keep the lens on the iPhone clean. This is basic, but I forget to do it All. The. Time. Holly Becker from Blogging Your Way and … Read More

2 Common Problems to Avoid when Choosing Pictures for Your Brand Style (and what to do instead)

Last Thursday afternoon I met an author friend, C,  to discuss her the cover for her latest book. Over vanilla latte’s (her’s) and iced coffee (mine) we talked about the story, the emotions, the characters, the glamorous jewelry in the story and the writing process. C  writes fiction, primarily family saga’s with drama (of course), romance and suspense thrown in. I was putting together  pictures and instructions for the graphic designer.  The previous week I gathered several concept pictures.  I wasn’t sure if any would resonate with her. C had a strong idea of the story line and emotions the … Read More