Getting Your Business Ready for the Holidays

New date available! Saturday, November 12th we’ll be doing a second workshop (same content). It feels weird talking about the holidays in October. After all, if you live in California like me, the trees are just now starting to turn colors. But, if you’re a creative business owner, October is a crucial month to prepare for the holidays. In about two seconds, we’ll be turning the calendar to November, peeling the potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner and dragging out the boxes of decorations for Christmas while listening to Michael Buble and sipping peppermint mochas. October is crucial to preparing your sales, … Read More

The Importance of Creating an Influential Brand

Last week I was invited to a class on the benefit of essential oils.  I didn’t know a lot about the topic, but I liked  Dr. Alicia Tsounis, who was leading the class and wanted to support her, so I went, found a chair in the back of the room and took a few notes.  We had met a few weeks back at an another event and discovered we enjoyed the same books and had a few other things in common. The content was fascinating; I learned several new things about my own health and how I could use natural … Read More

How to Finish 2016 Strong

  A website crash last week delayed this post. Thank goodness for sites like Fiverr who have talented people to fix these things!  Instead of a 100 day goal, this is a 90 day goal from now until November 23rd.  And 90 days is still plenty of time to make progress before the end of the year!  I’d love for you to join me on this 90 day journey.  Don’t forget to leave a comment and post what you’ll be working on for the next 90 days.  It’s hard to believe we are heading in to the last third of … Read More

Reverse the Resistance to Spring Projects with 5 Actions

On a recent run/walk, I chided myself on the lack of progress I was making on my new start. I ran across the bridge and turned down a rocky path, jumping out of the way to avoid a muddy puddle, leftover from recent rain. The mud reminded me of a Parker Palmer observation in his excellent essay on the seasons of life in his book, Let Your Life Speak. He states that before spring is beautiful and fragrant and full, it’s “plug ugly.” Ha! I love the visual his words provide as he talks about the “mud and muck” of … Read More

Journaling a Recap of the Year Even if You Haven’t Kept a Journal

Wow, it’s the end of the year! Do you get caught up looking at what you didn’t do? Or at all the possibilities ahead? Personally, I do a little of both. It’s easy to get caught up in the here and now, as Dr. Covey put it, the “urgent” needs of day to day living. But living life attending to only the urgent needs doesn’t help me move ahead to the most important work and art of my life- the part that really resonates with my heart and soul and is my best gift to share with others and the … Read More