How To Create a Christmas Vision Board (you’ll actually use)!

I wanted to interrupt the normal blog flow with this post about creating a vision board for the holiday season. So often we get caught up in our work and in the end-of-the-year activities that we miss out on the wonder and the merry moments of the season. Creating a Christmas vision board helps me to keep an attitude of celebration in the chaos of the end of the year. Creating a vision board can seem overwhelming or even a bit woo-woo, especially for the more practical among us. However, creating a vision board for the holiday season is a … Read More

7 Ways an Editorial Calendar Can Help You Save Time, Be More Productive & Reach More People

In the previous post I talked about the benefits of batching your content (you can read more about it here). But  the batching method typically begs another question: “that sounds good, Melissa, but I don’t know exactly what I’m going to be writing about! I know I need to create content, but what am I going to talk about”…..or…..”there’s so many ideas, I don’t know where to start” ..or….”my audience already has heard/read/seen all of it before…” I’ve heard these objections before (and said a few myself).  There’s a lot of overwhelm going on in the world today and it’s … Read More

The Secret to Creating Content for a Month in 3 Sessions

I used to write one blog post at a time, usually after an idea came. Then, when the time came for another blog post to be written, I’d slog out another one. I didn’t mind the writing part of it, but it just seemed to take up so much time: coming up with an idea, writing, editing, finding a picture, the photo shoot, editing the picture, uploading everything to the website. And all that before I started the marketing! When I used to write one post a time, and it still happens every once in a while, it takes me … Read More

Capacity: Knowing Your Limits, Finishing Well & Avoiding Holiday Fatigue

At the beginning of the fall this year, I had the joy of giving a talk to a group of women about marketing and sharing their business in a way that was reflected the energy and values of their business brand/personality. It was a fun and engaging talk with a wonderful group of women. I left feeling that sense of happy-tired. Later that evening,  I was scheduled to attend a networking event. After spending the rest of the day in different activities, I headed for the meeting, ignoring the sense of fatigue that was creeping up on me. That was … Read More

How to Create a Blueprint for Branding Your Beautiful Business

I sat down with a client recently to talk about their brand. It was a new business and they had been working feverishly on their products. Now it was time to start talking about the brand itself, how they wanted people to see them and where they wanted to go. The enthusiastic woman waved her hands as she talked about her heart behind the products and the process she went through to creating unique designs for her customers. When we delved into where she wanted to go and where she saw herself in a few years, the conversation went deeper … Read More