How to Create a Painting Plan for 2019

My sister and I have been watching the Great British Bake Off with a zany sort of zest the past few years. We compete for who can pick the winner, we rewind the show to get close ups of details and we revel in all the drama. All. The. Drama. Because, in the kitchen, when there’s lots of people and pressure and a competition to see who can bake the most beautiful, delicious, amazing five-layer cake with three different decorating aspects, there’s a lot of tears, nail-biting, groans, laughter and all around entertaining conversations. My sister and I have talked … Read More

Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

  The week between Christmas and New Year’s causes me to pause and reflect each year. The last few years I’ve spent time reflecting on the last year and then looking forward to the new year. Looking back is important, but it can be a bit of a pitfall. While I would like to paint myself as a happy, glass-half-full kind of person, the truth is that I’m a bit of an Eeyore. My natural tendency is to see things as woulda-coulda-shoulda with a strong tinge of regret. I’ve worked -and keep working- to see things in a positive light. … Read More

7 Ways to Grow Your Local Business through Your Instagram Presence (and Have Fun Doing it)

Two days ago, I got up earlier than usual, preparing to get some work before the day officially started. I stumbled out to the kitchen, noticed an odd noise migrating from the coffee pot, like it was gasping for breath. Even though the automatic starter had gone on twenty minutes before, only a small amount of coffee was in the carafe. I stopped. My coffee pot was dying. Or, it was dead. Hard to tell, but after percolating about four cups of coffee, it had ceased transferring the water from the container to the filter and was now breathing its … Read More

Blogging Your Way Courses: Stay Inspired & Savvy

When I started 2016, I was in a bit of a rut creatively speaking. A lot was going in my personal life. A lot was going on in my career. And I was starting a new business, which was the one thing I really, really wanted to do, but I was also feeling fairly uninspired and just meh. I knew it was important to keep going and not give up. As I looked back over 2016, one thing that moved me from ‘meh’ to getting the creative juices flowing again was the Blog Power and Inspire Me courses from Blogging … Read More

How to Wrap Up the Year & Look Forward

It can be tempting to avoid looking back at the year, especially if you feel that 2016 didn’t bring the change, growth or (fill in the blank) you were working towards. I get that. I’ve been there many times. But, in reality, while you and I may not have seen the big changes we were hoping for, things have happened. Sometimes it takes a bit of digging up to see the good stuff. In this post, I share what I do at the end of the year to reflect back and move forward. There are three things I look  at: … Read More