A Guide to Seasonal Archetypes for Your Brand

  You and I can have the most helpful, creative, incredible business in the world, but if we sink into the abyss of looking and sounding like everyone else, no one will know we will exist, we won’t connect with the right customers and we will work especially hard  and eventually, completely wear ourselves out. That’s so not fun. There is another alternative and that alternative is designing a stylish brand reflecting what your business is and using the right colors to connect with your best clients.  The right brand makes business more fun, it makes us more confident and … Read More

How to Use a Spring Palette in Your Art Work

I was walking by a kitchen store recently, one of my favorites to browse in- Sur La Table. They had the loveliest spring dish set that with a blue hydrangea floral pattern. The pattern was a little on the large size- too big for elegant summer or a formal winteresque meal- but it was perfect for spontaneous spring. The flowers seemed almost as if they might float off the plates. I felt happy just looking at these dishes. Suddenly I was standing in the walkway of the store, mentally laying out the menu for a spring brunch and thinking,  “what … Read More