Paint the Dreams & Prayers in Your Heart

Deby Dearman stood in front of a small group of us, her eyes bright as she talked with lots of expression. It was a hot, humid day in Nashville and we leaned in to listen, captivated by her story and curious to see where she was going with her topic of painting your dreams and prayers onto canvas. Deby’s arms moved around, pointing to color-drenched paintings on both sides of the small auditorium. She shared how she started painting her prayers and dreams. Her life as a musician and singer had been altered when she lost her ability to sing, … Read More

17 Ideas for DIY Christmas Gifts

There’s a lot of pressure around the holidays to give gifts that are just right for the recipient. Over the years I’ve discovered gifts given from the heart don’t have to be complicated. Here are fifteen ideas for creative semi-DIY gifts you can make this year, even if there is only a week or two left before the holidays. My nephews are still thrilled with Legos and Nerf Guns, but for the adults in my family whom I’m giving to, these gifts are sure to please. Most of the ideas in this list are from my book, Creating a Simply … Read More

Blogging Your Way Courses: Stay Inspired & Savvy

When I started 2016, I was in a bit of a rut creatively speaking. A lot was going in my personal life. A lot was going on in my career. And I was starting a new business, which was the one thing I really, really wanted to do, but I was also feeling fairly uninspired and just meh. I knew it was important to keep going and not give up. As I looked back over 2016, one thing that moved me from ‘meh’ to getting the creative juices flowing again was the Blog Power and Inspire Me courses from Blogging … Read More

How to Use Collage to Get Unstuck & Refine Your Goals

It’s been fun to see collage and vision boards resurface in recent years in the online space. I think Pinterest may have had something to do with the love of collecting our favorite things onto a board. I’ve loved collage since I was a child. It was a way of expressing creativity without following the rules. Collage is both visual and visceral. It’s expressing what’s in our heart and minds that won’t always easily be put into words. As a business owner, entrepreneur or creative, why create a collage for your professional work?  I can identify six reasons working on … Read More

How 15 Minutes of Creativity Can Change Your Day

So many days I want to create, but feel I don’t have the time. Left unmet, the desire turned into discouragement as I looked day after day at my art desk with it’s blank watercolor paper taped down to the painting board.  Finally, I decided just to start a painting. I didn’t actually paint, I sketched out what I wanted to paint. Then, the next morning, I started to paint. I didn’t finish and I kept at it the next morning.  Then I took a course called “Boot Girls” with Christy Tomlinson. She paints fairly fast and in that course … Read More