Rejuvenating You: 11 Ways to Use to Color to Regain Your Energy & Spunk

At the Creative Season, we believe color isn’t only important to in matters of business, its essential to everyday life! The colors of our clothing we choose, the color of the food we eat, the colors of the rooms we sleep in. Why is giving someone flowers (or buying a pretty bunch at Trader’s Joe’s for you!) so rewarding? Besides being thoughtful, the colors of the flowers may soothe, energize, calm and inspire our emotions. Sometimes we get so busy working on our businesses and in our businesses that we forget to take time to care for ourselves and refill … Read More

5 Color Secrets to Make Your Instagram Feed Pop

Do you remember the “Color Me Beautiful” phenomenon that was going on in the 90’s? I was a kid when the “Color Me Beautiful” phase was going on, too young to participate in it myself, but completely intrigued when the women in my family would talk about it. The book revolves around helping women look their best by choosing colors (and later style choices) that brought out their best features instead of trying to go along with trends. Okay, the pictures are way outdated and you can figure out the era of publication by looking at the author’s hair styles … Read More

8 Ways to Have Fun with Red in Your Business and Personal Style

  Leaning over the clear glass counter, I looked over the lipstick options. My fingers tapped on thet glass. Oh, the pressure of finding the right lipstick! I thought I was going to buy a plum or mauve, but the woman came around from behind the counter and pulled out a bold red with a cool undertone. “This one.” “Uh, I don’t wear red a lot.” I was doubtful.  The woman came a step closer and said, “You’ve got to wear red with confidence. It will help you be more confident.” I applied a bit of the sample and examined … Read More

3 Tips for Choosing What to Wear to your Next Interview

On one of the worst interviews I ever did I blame on my clothes. I wore pumps with higher heels than I was used to and a skirt that was a tad shorter than my normal hit-the-knee level. I was also dressed in all black. Stilettos, A-line skirts and an all-black outfit looks amazing on some people. For me, it was a disaster. It wasn’t a disaster because of the clothes themselves, but because of how I felt in them and how I exuded those feelings without even meaning too. And because I felt nervous and awkward, my conversation stuttered … Read More

How to Create a Smart & Strong Connection with the Color Blue

Blue is one of the most well-regarded colors. Many people identify it as their “favorite” color. It seems like blue is an ideal color to add into your brand, right? Like, one of those colors that’s a no-fail win to attract the audience you want. But hold on. Just like all the other colors, blue can be incredible or it can feel off, as if it doesn’t go with the mood of the brand. It all depends on how you use it. The blue Cookie Monster on Sesame Street (my fave character as a child) and the blue of a … Read More