3 Reasons Why to Pull Out Your Art Box and Create this Christmas

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to teach live in Jessi Camacho’s Splash Art crafting group. It was fun and just a little nerve-racking because sometimes creating with eyes on you does not turn out well. The paint gets a mind of its own and goes everywhere!!! I did my best to go with the flow. Despite the nerves (and the temperamental paint!), it was a blast. One of the joys of the holiday season is getting messy with some projects and enjoying that sense of satisfaction when we make things. That’s why, when I began to dream … Read More

Festive & Affordable Christmas Art to Create a Cozy Home for the Holidays

When I first started decorating for Christmas, not a corner went unmarked by the season! It was kind of like Christmas had thrown up everywhere in the home! I loved it, but it was a bit much. As the years go by, I’ve started being a bit more selective about what I put out. It’s not necessary to put every ornament and piece of décor out each year. Instead of putting it all out, I decorate and accentuate my home with how I want it to look and feel this year, for myself and for those who I will be … Read More