Hooray! The New Website is Here. New Things for You to Know!

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It’s always fun to get a remodel, right? Inspiring. Cohesive. Easy to navigate. Elegant and encouraging. These were some of the words in my mind as the new website came together. So much of life is a blend of the practical + beautiful, at least in my mind. While I’ve been thankful to hodgepodge my way through building a website for the past few years, it came time this year for a pro to rebuild and redesign the site that worked well. Alli Worthington, a podcaster and author, says “with God and Google you can take over the world.” Well, … Read More

3 Ways Your Brand Might Be Over Dosing On Yellow

One day, on a monotonous drive down I80, I suddenly snapped to attention, straightening my back and staring out the right window.  The previously boring field had transformed itself into miles of beautiful, tall sunflowers. Their giant heads nodded gently to all the cars passing by, as if paying respects or giving a solemn greeting. I wanted to stop and pull over, leap out of the car and pick some of those sunflowers and bring them home.   I had gone from tired and bored to energized in seconds, sighing deeply as I took in the beauty. There was a sense … Read More

The Power of Pink: Discover the Magic of Pink and How to Use It

One of my all time favorite movies is Steel Magnolias. It is Julia Roberts in her finest as the girl next door, planning her wedding. Do you remember the scene where she is having her hair done and she’s discussing the details of the decor at her wedding? She isn’t just a girl in love with pink. “Everything is going to be drench-ed in pink at my wedding”, but in two very, very specific shades of pink: “blush and bashful, two very distinctive shades of pink.” And after all of the talk and getting the nails done and more talk … Read More

How to Create a Blueprint for Branding Your Beautiful Business

I sat down with a client recently to talk about their brand. It was a new business and they had been working feverishly on their products. Now it was time to start talking about the brand itself, how they wanted people to see them and where they wanted to go. The enthusiastic woman waved her hands as she talked about her heart behind the products and the process she went through to creating unique designs for her customers. When we delved into where she wanted to go and where she saw herself in a few years, the conversation went deeper … Read More

The Importance of Creating an Influential Brand

Last week I was invited to a class on the benefit of essential oils.  I didn’t know a lot about the topic, but I liked  Dr. Alicia Tsounis, who was leading the class and wanted to support her, so I went, found a chair in the back of the room and took a few notes.  We had met a few weeks back at an another event and discovered we enjoyed the same books and had a few other things in common. The content was fascinating; I learned several new things about my own health and how I could use natural … Read More