Tips for Taking Great Photos in France with the iPhone 8 Plus

The light is different in Paris. I’m told the light is bluer. Personally, I couldn’t identify exactly what it was, but there was something different in both Paris and in Belgium and almost all my pictures turned out quite lovely. Today I wanted to share some of the things I learned about using an iPhone camera exclusively while on a big trip and why I’m taking my DSLR with me on the next trip. Keep the lens on the iPhone clean. This is basic, but I forget to do it All. The. Time. Holly Becker from Blogging Your Way and … Read More

How to Add Energy to Your Life & Business with Orange

I was standing next to my grandpa, probably twelve or thirteen at the time. Side by side, we looked at a series of paintings Grandpa recently finished, all hung up on the wall for him and my grandma -his partner in business and life- to evaluate. He leaned over to me and nodded towards the paintings. “People like orange,” he said. “They’re drawn to it. But it’s important-” and when he said this, he tilted his head towards me and looked at me from the corner of his glasses, “-not to use too much.” I took it all in, nodding … Read More

How to Infuse Elegance Into Your Brand Style with Purple

For centuries, purple has been the symbol of luxe and high fashion. I once heard a teacher joke that if there had been shopping malls in first century Rome, instead of ‘White House, Black Market,’ we’d have ‘Purple House, Purple Market.’ Today, we still associate purple with prestige, nobility and mystery. Depending on how it is used, purple can convey a sense of royalty or glamour in the world of fashion, design, business or nature. Think of fields of lavender and purple flowers or gorgeous tropical fish or a brilliant pink-purple sunset. Using Purple to Convey a Life Rich in … Read More

The Personality of the Autumn Brand

Do you remember the Color Me Beautiful book (there were was an entire line of books!) that became popular in the 90’s?  Millions of women experienced breakthroughs in their personal style and makeup as they discovered the colors and clothes that would look best on them and avoided things that made them look drab and washed out. Have you ever hired a personal stylist or had a professional makeup artist apply your makeup for a special event? They have a way of pulling out your best features in a way you and I don’t seem to do with our mirror … Read More

How to Use Color Effectively in Working & Living Spaces

As a nurse for a corporate company, I visited hundreds of doctor’s offices.  I would notice the art on the walls, the colors of the paint, the style of flooring and the way the office space was laid out, especially in waiting rooms (I spent a lot of time there!).  I’d look around at the people and how they sat in the office. On a side note, I thought everyone did this, but when I pointed out an intriguing color scheme to a colleague or commented on how the room brought a certain feeling, I was usually given an odd … Read More