New Art to Start 2020 With!

 The fun thing about a new year is the planning and creating of new art collections under my art design name, The Creative Season. There are new projects and collections I’m so excited to share with you, but it’s a little early yet… So for now, here are two brand new paintings for the new year. Both are full of color and lots of anticipation. And that is the name of the first painting, ‘Anticipation.’ It’s been my heart’s desires to get married and have my own family for many, many years. I don’t know why what a normative experience … Read More

What to Paint in February

  In January, I started off the month with Paris and quotes. Quotes are fun and fairly quick to create. Sometimes I need that juice, the energy that comes from quickly creating something bright and colorful and fun without too much effort. This month my heart is still in Paris. My next collection has a strong Parisian theme and I’m so excited to share it later this month! In the meantime, I’m working through quick, watercolor sketches of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and sunsets. What about you? Is there a place, subject matter or person who lingers in your mind? … Read More

Painting Ideas & Inspiration for January

Elizabeth Elliot Quote Art

January is a great month to paint words to inspire our new year, comfort foods for the cold days and memories of the special places we visited in the past year. This January, let’s paint: Inspirational quotes Cups of coffee (because it’s freezing out and I need to warm up) Paris! January is a good time of year to dream a bit on where you’d like to go with art this year. Do you want to paint weekly or seasonally, by yourself or with a group. (or maybe a little of everything?) Check out ideas for a painting plan on this … Read More

Turning Drab & Old into Fun & New!

It’s time for another 15 Minute Creative Project. I love these fun creative bursts that don’t take too much time, yet still leave that wonderful sensation of creating something lovely. One of the “secrets” of infusing more creativity in the day is having a spot set aside for creative work. It doesn’t have to be a big spot or even an entire table, just a designated spot to continue to work said project. This mixed media notebook box was one of those block projects, it was about three episodes of 15 minute creativity. I started this project last night. My … Read More