When I was going through a harrowing season, I pushed all my creative “stuff” inside so I’d have more time to focus on the work.

Big mistake.

I discovered that it was the creative downtime: journaling, taking a class, working on a painting, messing around in the kitchen, that fueled a large part of my life.

As busy women juggling and struggling with many activities, obligations and responsibilities, it can seem like a luxury to take a little bit of time to pursue beauty and creativity.

But that little bit of time for the beautiful can be a difference maker in your life.

Adding in creativity, even 15 minutes a day can change a lot.

Creativity adds space.

Creativity clears your mind.

Doing a bit of creative work releases stress.

You feel better and therefore think better when you nurture your creative side.

I’m Melissa. My goal is to elevate other women and their goals by helping them develop that creative practice in their life through courses, retreats and workshops. (more about me here).

Take a course on your own time, in the quiet hours of your life. Check those out here.

Take a retreat for yourself and meet other women. Be inspired. Discover new skills. Re-find your vision. Find out more here.

Many of the significant shifts and changes I’ve experienced occurred at a retreat or conference.

Nearly every. single. one.

Amazing things happen at retreats and conferences. Not at all of them (I’ve been to some snoozers), but at many.

It’s my goal to create experiences you’ll look back on later and realize were a pivotal part of your journey.

Curious about the seasonal archetypes? Here is an overview of the archetypes. The seasonal archetypes are part of color psychology, the science behind why colors make us feel a certain way and do certain things.

Seasonal archetypes have been used as a personality typing tool, for finding your best colors to wear (hello, Beautiful You!). I use them a lot when I create art and teach others how to do the same. Here’s more about the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasonal archetypes, the colors in each one and the meanings behind the colors.

Do the colors I use really make a difference?

YES! I use what I’ve learned about color in my color palettes for my artwork and decorating as well as decorating projects and the website! Here is a link to A Seasonal Overview of the characterstics, symbols, and colors associated with each season.


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