Staying in touch with the clients is essential.

Leave a lasting impression with a beautiful card with a personal letter from you inside.

Cards aren’t just for Christmas!

Brian Buffini, owner of the largest training organization for real estate professionals, states “nothing in my career took less time, cost less money and produced bigger results than personal notes.”

Mr. Buffini writes 50 notes a month (that is 21/4 cards five days a week for 22 days a month) and credits his business success to this simple practice.

In this digital age, it’s easy to think connection is best done via social media or email.

Not quite.

Direct marketing research reveal a number of telling details about the connection and trust built with direct mail:

Consider these statistics:

  • Direct mail’s effectiveness went up in 2018 vs in 2017. According to the ANA/DMA 2018 Response Rate Report, the average response rate for house lists was 9%.
  • According to the same study (2018 Response Rate Report), paid search, SEO and social media has a 1% response rate compared to the 9% response rate of direct mail.
  • According to a study shared by Retail Wire (study done by Murphy Research), the lifespan of an email is 17 seconds, while the lifespan of a piece of mail is 17 days.
  • According to Marketing Sherpa, 76% of participants trusted direct mail when they want to make a purchase decision, more than digital media.
  • USPS Future of Direct Mail data research revealed coordinated direct and digital mail outreach created 63% increased response rate while Gallup showed a 96% positive response rate when the recipient received a personalized piece of mail.

Direct marketing in a personal and kind way can keep you in the forefront of your clients minds. Whether you are staying in touch with an existing client, inquiring about referrals or seeking to work with new clients, communicating with inspirational cards can make a difference.

As a sales professional and a RN for many years, I know the importance of connection, trust and keeping communication open. I’ve used the power of personal cards to thank clients, celebrate important occasions, be a resource by sharing information and education to advance their business, ask for referrals, and and to continue to keep doors open to communication and opportunities.

While I can’t say that it’s made me as much money as Mr. Buffini, writing cards is

Over the past few years I started to receive requests to have my art turned into cards. One of the goals I have is to bring a cheerful, hope-filled and goal-oriented energy to every meeting, event and room I go to. Now, with the stationery collections, my hope is to bring that energy to your clients and colleagues.

To see the stationery shop, visit the Stationery Shop here.

For specific questions, please email melissa@thecreativeseason.

I would love to be a resource to help you stay connected and build relationships with your clients, colleagues and professional network!

You can click on the images below to go to the ordering page.  If you are a prolific note writer (I’d consider prolific to be 20 cards a month!) you may be interested in the special bundle here.