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The mission at The Creative Season is to encourage, brighten and lighten the many different seasons of women’s lives through creative and color courses, ideas and art. We strive to not only be GDPR compliant (the EU’s governing policy on privacy), but be as transparent as possible with the information you share with me.

In short, this means: When you subscribe to the newsletter or to receive a printable, pdf, ebook, or other downloadable item, I collect your name and email. At any time, you can unsubscribe. To know more, read on…..

What You Can Expect You can expect to receive emails about creativity, art, inspiration, courses and décor! If at any time these emails are not what you’d like or expected, please unsubscribe. I’ll use your email to send you informative, inspirational and (hopefully) happy email. Your email, name or data is not and will not be shared with third parties. At times, I may receive compensation if you click on a link (such as to a product on Amazon) that redirects you to Amazon’s site.

What does The Creative Season track? We use cookies to analyze traffic and create customizable content to better serve readers and create ads. This information helps us to create content that is customizable to the audience we want to serve. What does this mean in real life? For example, about a year ago, I had a great idea to create a blog series on COLOR. I thought others would be as interested as me to learn about the psychology of color. Turns out there wasn't too many people interested. That was helpful to know. I want to have a blog that features interesting and encouraging content for my readers. Later, I tried something different. When I created a series about how to use color more effectively on Instagram, a lot of people read the post. In fact, it was one of the most read blog posts of the year.

What about email? When you sign up to receive a download or to receive the Enewsletter, the signup form is your consent that you agree to receive the information from The Creative Season. (This is wordy, I know! If I could insert the sweating emoticon here, I would!) If you ever decide you do not want to receive emails from The Creative Season, you can unsubscribe by using the contact page here or clicking on the unsubscribe button that is included in each email.   Thank you for being a part of The Creative Season. I consider it to be a privilege and honour to be a part of your life.


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