Let's Grow

Last year, I went to an art intensive with Deby Dearman, an artist I dearly love and admire. I went, hoping to push through some struggles I was having with my color palette at the time.

We did work on the color palette...and so much more I wasn’t expecting! I came ready to be challenged- that’s what I needed during that season, and I was. One of the unexpected projects Deby surprised us with involved creating portraits using a painting technique and color palette that were completely new to me. It was an experience that was both really, really uncomfortable and challenging.

I had to:

  • Let go of the way I was used to doing portraits
  • Be willing to play with a new technique
  • Let someone teach me
  • Let someone encourage me
  • Push through the uncomfortable part to get to the breakthrough of completion!

At one point, I felt like I was going to cry! I could not get some of the facial features to come out on the portrait like I wanted to.

Deby didn’t give up on me. She kept coming around the room, stopping to give me encouragement and direction. Then she moved away to allow me to wrestle through the process.

It was hard and it was good. Growth is like that: wonderful and a bit challenging.

My goal through The Creative Season: the art and the products, the workshops and retreats, is to inspire you to create a beautiful life no matter what season of life you're going through.

What do you need to grow right now?

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