Two things started me on this path of creating journals filled with beauty, paper, memories and the bits of stuff I had around. Each year goes by so quickly, doesn't? It gets to be the end of the year and I look back - as I'm finishing end-of-the-year appointments, drinking coffee and trying to get things done - that I hadn't done what I wanted. Where had the time gone? What had I done? Why couldn't I remember the big moments of the year? I knew the year was full of memories, but for the life of me, it seemed that the year was all blended together like one of those smoothies. You know the kind, the ones where we try to get all of our fruits and veggies for the day in one drink? They all blend together, just like my year did. SO, I decided to start collecting memories, cards, notes, important dates in a journal.

  • I wanted it to be full of beauty but NOT perfectionistic.
  • The journal needed to be big enough to capture the essence of the project -whether it was a season or a trip- but not excessive.
  • It needed to be a physical collection (not a digital download)
  • It would be made of paper and other items I already had. (No going to the craft store to buy a lot of stuff).

The second reason Joyful Journaling helped me was to organize all the stuff I collected during the year. Can you relate to this? You go on a trip or host a special event or take a bazillion pictures of Christmas....and then the stacks of memories pile up in odd shaped piles around your living space? One of the huge benefits of capturing my year on paper was to take all the special items from the year: the letters, cards, movie tickets, pictures (I print several from my phone), and other things that were in messy piles and put them in a journal. It's been a gift to reflect on the year, on the precious people I meet on the journey. It turns out that the year is much more full than I ever realized before Joyful Journaling entered in my life.





That was the start of Joyful Journaling.

The joyful journal method is fun, easy, organized and fairly speedy. I love my friends who have (and continue) to make gorgeous scrapbooking spreads. That style of capturing memories and journaling just isn't for me. I want something I can complete in a few sittings (or even one extended one). At the live Joyful Journal classes, we'll work together to take your projects from a big mess of stuff to an organized collection secure in your own Joyful Journal! You may not finish it, but you'll be well on your way to completing your project.

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