I’m on the road to finding the beauty, have been for most of my life.

If you’re here, you must be like me.

Looking for beauty in the middle of all the messiness and hardness of life’s seasons.

We go through all the seasons:

Seasons of Loss

Seasons of Joy

Seasons of Growth

Seasons of Work

Seasons of Seeming LIke Nothing is Working Out

Seasons of Celebration

My goal through this website, the social media outlets, the art and the products, the workshops and retreats is to inspire you to create a beautiful life no matter what season of life you’re going through.

Beauty changes things.

We live in a world of superficial ‘pretty things,’ and while I love to make, enjoy and see pretty things, they don’t inspire, compel or heal like beautiful things.

The beauty of a conversation with a friend-

The beauty of learning a new skill-

The beauty of enjoying a long, leisurely meal with friends, new or old-

The beauty of watching all the leaves turn orange and crimson and brown in autumn…..

The beauty of watching the leaves pop out in the spring, fresh and bright as winter says farewell.

The beauty of long, unhurried walks-

The beauty of celebrating Christmas dinner with your loved ones-

The beauty of enjoying a quiet sunrise after surviving a season of heartache and loss-

The beauty of completing a new piece of art, a journal, a handmade scarf or piece of jewelry,

The beauty of fresh flowers for no reason except that they are beautiful and they bring beauty through their presence and unique colors and shapes-

The beauty of making a new friend.

Creating a beautiful life is messy and wonderful and compelling.

How to create a beautiful life?

I’m still learning, but here are four things I’ve learned so far.

1. Decide to Do It.

I’m adding ‘decide to do it’ first because let’s face it. It’s easy to look and observe and see all the other people do all the other things.

But watching other people doesn’t create a beautiful, messy life that you’ll love.

Buying all the supplies doesn’t make your life more beautiful.

Thinking about the great gatherings you’ll have also doesn’t create the beauty.

Only doing it creates the beauty.

I have to preach this to myself, so, if this steps on your toes, know that it stomped on mine first. I used to watch and not do. Doing it is when it gets fun!

Decide to do and immediately, your life becomes more beautiful.

2. Practice. Learning. You can find courses and workshops to inspire and teach here. New ones offered throughout the year. If you’d like to know what classes are coming up, you can sign up for the Enewsletter here..

Writing. Painting. Gardening. Playing an instrument. Sketching. Needlework. Journaling. Photography. Macrame. Cooking. There are so many ways to be creative.

Taking even 15 minutes a day to create can be life-changing. Ideas to inspire you to start your own #15MinuteCreativePractice can be found here and here. Try it a few days a week and see what happens.


3. Color.

Color is powerful and it’s beauty penetrates deep into our subconscious minds and hearts. Learning how color works and

If you’re curious, I’ve written many blog posts on color. You might like to start here.

There is a simple ebook combining what I’ve learned and taught in the works right now, but for now,enjoy these posts. This post about how to use color by breaking them down into seasonal groups may be especially helpful for interior decorators, artists, boutique owners and others curious about how certain colors work and the how mind feels about color.

4. Bring beauty around you.

One of the easiest ways I’ve discovered beauty is through walks. I walk on a nature trail near my home or in the streets of the cities I visit, walking and observing lets beauty in.

Some people like more wild and rugged places. Others like more busy, curated spots. Experiment with what sings to your soul.

Other ways to bring in beauty is to turn off the television and turn on classical or jazz music.

Bring fresh flowers or plants inside.

Have designated “no phone/social media/television” time

It takes time and effort and sweat and frustration, but in the end it’s all worth it.

I’m so glad you’re here.