Take me to Paris {Dreaming of the Eiffel Tower}

Melissa AuClair

Take me to Paris

{Dreaming of the Eiffel Tower}

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Course Description

What are you dreaming of this year?

A new year means new opportunities, new dreams, new ideas....who knows what you might do and where you might go.

It may be the Eiffel Tower or it may be writing a book or completing your first scrapbook or visiting the ocean or starting a business or finding your new best friend.

The Eiffel Tower is an icon.

A symbol of many things. Of dreams and hopes and anticipation.

So....let's create this lovely Eiffel Tower watercolor and let our hearts and minds wander a bit.

Wander to what might be available to us, this year.

What You'll Need for This Course

Watercolor Paper - I used paper of leftover pieces. Grab what you have.

Watercolors: Ultramarine blue, Paynes Gray, Green (Hookers Green OR Permanent Green), Raw Sienna, Permanent Rose or Yellow (Cadmium Yellow or Lemon Yellow)

Masking Tape


A few brushes- one round, one flat

See you in class!

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