Sunflower Splatter Art

Melissa AuClair

Sunflowers are unique in their ability to merge between summer and autumn. I love the way these happy flowers seem to thrive in the summer heat, yet also flourish as the weather cools down.

There are huge fields of sunflowers near where I live. It’s one of the respites of a long commute in August: seeing the gorgeous sunflowers swaying in the breeze. Painting these regal flowers may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. The most important thing to do is look at the flowers defining features: the big brown center ‘eye’ of the flower where all the seeds grow, the long pointy petals, the thick green stalks and the wide stems coming off the stalks.

Pickingup a bunch of sunflowers from the grocery store or finding a few pictures on Pinterest will help develop your artist’s eye.  There are many different types of sunflower, but we are creating a painting of the classic sunflower.

The colors are muted: cadmium yellows, raw sienna, yellow ochre all work well.

I chose blue for my sky, but if you prefer a sunrise or sunset and include some of the yellow, that would be quite eye-catching. After you create your first sunflower painting, you may find yourself going back and creating more and more with different details.

The materials are listed on the lesson page. Click on the link below to get started 🙂

Enjoy creating these beautiful flowers!

Lots of joy,


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