Fun & Free Splatter Art – Floral Edition

Melissa AuClair

These Two Trees Christmas Art by Melissa AuClair

Fun & Free Splatter Art

Floral Edition

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Course Description

Explore the fun of splattering paint and creating lovely, luscious, beautiful floral art!
In this course you'll paint and splatter your way to creating watercolors featuring:

  • wildflower bouquets
  • lupines, the gorgeous wildflower found around Lake Tahoe and other mountain areas
  • a field of sunflowers
  • a field full of wildflowers straight out of a lovely summer vacation
  • summer home with flowers scattered all over
  • fantasty picture featuring the Eiffel tower amid a spring field of flowers.

There are a total of seven modules featuring 9 different projects. Because splatter art requires some dry time before adding additional layers of paint, we'll paint multiple paintings in a few of the modules. The goal of this course is for you to have the confidence to develop your own unique editions of floral splatter art. There is so much fun and freedom in splatter art! There is very little drawing in this course. Instead, we go STRAIGHT to paint. Ideal course for someone who is needing a big dose of color and fun, free art without the pre-planning and preparation that often goes into watercolor.

What You'll Need for This Course

Watercolor paper - I use various sizes (scraps from other projects) and pages from a 6x9 pad

Watercolor paints:

  • Blue - I use a phthalo (or thalo) blue, cerulean blue. If you have an ultramarine blue, that will be a gorgeous deep blue (but not as bright as the phthalo or cerulean)
  • Green - I use a hookers green or permanent green
  • Yellow- Cadmium yellow, light and/or medium
  • Pink- Thalo Crimson or Permanent Rose
  • Burnt Sienna

Optional: Cadmium orange, yellow ochre, purple.  You can create your own purple by mixing the rose and blue, create an orange with the rose and yellow It's harder to get the matte look of the yellow ochre, but you can mix a bit of the burnt sienna in with the cadmium yellow.  Yellow ochre is quite versatile and I recommend it if you do watercolors semi-regularly.

See you in class!

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