Enter In: Creating a Season of Comfort & Joy

Melissa AuClair

Enter In

Creating a Season of Comfort & Joy

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Course Description

Welcome! In this watercolor course we'll be creating charming homes, snowmen, wreaths, Christmas trees and more!

It's the busiest and merriest time of year, but it's easy to get caught up in the activity that we miss savoring the simple pleasures of the season. In 'Enter In,' we'll do just that- enter in to the season by sitting down with our paint and sketchbook and enjoying the beauty and joy found in the simple pleasures of the season.

You can sketch, paint and decorate with me in each video or watch and then go at your own pace. The videos are geared towards all levels. We're here to have fun, to learn some new techniques but mostly, to recapture the charm and joy of this season.

Lessons include an overview of how to make your paintings pop using seasonal archetypes (super easy to learn and lots of fun, this has made a big difference in my work), complete sessions on sketching, painting and adding festive touches to each piece of art.

Thanks for stopping by! If you'd like to join this Christmas Watercolor Class and create some lovely holiday art classes, we'd love to have you! It's not too late to join.

Plus, we'll spend a session together covering all the different things we can do with our art including gifting them, framing them, making them into something else or adding them to other projects.

What You'll Need for This Course

You'll receive a list of needed supplies for the class (as well as a few fun additional, but not essential, materials).

I'm a big believer that we should use what we have, but here are the essential components for this class: watercolor paint (5-6 colors),
watercolor paper (cold press, 140lb),
masking tape,
paintbrushes (3-4 filbert, round and flat).

See you in class!

You can always access the course right here once you are enrolled or from your My Profile page.

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