A Very Merry Home

Melissa AuClair

I was sure this home was going to be a disaster.

It went from okay….to oh my! to…..oh no!!!….to oh. well. I think I like you a little.

Maybe a lot.

Well, aren’t you darling?

That’s how painting often is.

It starts out with hope and excitement.

Then, usually, it doesn’t quite go as planned. We’re afraid we’ve gone too far.

But we can always clean things up. Add a little of this and that.


The painting pops out in a way that surprises us!

Don’t be afraid to go bold as you create this festive home. If red seems a bit TOO bold, feel free to choose a different color.

Most of all, have fun.

My hope is this time with your paint and paper renews your heart and lets in a bit of the joy and wonder of the Christmas season.