A Thankful Home Autumn Mini Workshop

Melissa AuClair

A Thankful Home

{Autumn Mini Workshop}

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Course Description

Welcome to fall! This is a delightful time of year, full of sweaters, pumpkins, walking through leaves and the gorgeous changing of seasons. And thankfulness.

Maybe it's because of Thanksgiving holiday or maybe it's the way nature seems to beckon us to reflect, but there is something about fall that calls me to pause and remember and be grateful. Some years are better than others. Some years are more exhausting than others. Despite the circumstances, I've discovered bathing this season in thankfulness is a good thing. You too?

I hope you enjoy painting this home as much as I did. My goal was for you to be able to sit down in a few 20-30 minute segments and complete it.

What You'll Need for This Course

You don't need a lot of supplies.

Watercolor paper, a smaller size is good for this painting (4x6 or 5x7).

Paints: cadmium yellow (light or medium), raw sienna, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue OR cobalt blue, yellow ochre

Nice to have paints: cadmium orange

*Note: you can create your own orange using yellow and alizarin crimson.

Filbert or round paintbrush

masking tape to secure the paper down while painting

Micron black pen and white gel pen

See you in class!

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