Painting Ideas for December

Christmas is coming! I love, love, love Christmas BUT it is hard to find the time to spend time creating. While it’s true that we set aside the time for the things we prioritize, there are so many things to prioritize this month! How to find time for a little bit of painting? I won’t diminish how challenging it is to find time to create.  This is how I find/make/intentionally set aside the time. I keep my projects simple (think the #15minutecreativity sessions), keep it light and set up times in my calendar. Organzing the time in my calendar sounds … Read More

New Christmas Watercolor Workshop

It’s getting to be the most wonderful time of the year. Also, the busiest, craziest, quickest time of the year, right? Insert the sobbing emoticon right here! One activity that brings some calm to my life each year is continuing the practice of creativity and play. I’m thrilled to invite you to ‘Enter In: Creating a Season of Comfort & Joy.’ It’s a watercolor course where we will be painting homes and spending time playing with watercolor, festive ideas and letting ourselves enjoy the sweetness of the season. There are 4+ hours of content. You can go through all the … Read More

7 Ways to Make Your Brand More Powerful (without a complete overhaul)

I want to finish up this mini-series on the winter-linked business brand with ideas on how to super-charge the look of your business style with winter-linked power.  (You can read the first two parts of the series, the overview and the case study here). Perhaps, as you’ve read through this series, you realized your business is most definitely a winter-linked business, but you don’t look or feel like the bold, cutting edge business you really are. For many of us, the idea of overhauling our  current website, business cards, marketing materials, social media, etc. is enough to send us back … Read More