Create a Thankful Board on the Wall

It’s so easy to focus on what’s going wrong. Right now, there are fires burning in multiple places in California. The smoke covers the cities and towns for miles and miles in all directions. It’s funny though. People are pulling together, donating time, money and resources to help those in need. Disasters are funny that way. They remind us of what is important and really, what isn’t important at all. Nonetheless, I found myself tapping on the news dozens of times a day and having a hard time getting myself out of constantly thinking of the disaster. What was needed … Read More

New Christmas Watercolor Workshop

It’s getting to be the most wonderful time of the year. Also, the busiest, craziest, quickest time of the year, right? Insert the sobbing emoticon right here! One activity that brings some calm to my life each year is continuing the practice of creativity and play. I’m thrilled to invite you to ‘Enter In: Creating a Season of Comfort & Joy.’ It’s a watercolor course where we will be painting homes and spending time playing with watercolor, festive ideas and letting ourselves enjoy the sweetness of the season. There are 4+ hours of content. You can go through all the … Read More

How to Prioritize Time to Paint & Journal During the Busiest Time of the Year

You’re gonna think I’m weird, but I consider the start of the holiday season to be in October. I’m NOT talking about Christmas, but all things celebrating autumn and Thanksgiving and then merging into the Christmas celebration and finishing with New Year’s. In the past, I used to be consumed with the doing of the season. I was trying to create the perfect Thanksgiving, Christmas and other festive events. That meant a lot of busy work. In the middle of all that, I lost the joy and wonder of the season. Part of that loss was that I let go … Read More

Tips for Taking Great Photos in France with the iPhone 8 Plus

The light is different in Paris. I’m told the light is bluer. Personally, I couldn’t identify exactly what it was, but there was something different in both Paris and in Belgium and almost all my pictures turned out quite lovely. Today I wanted to share some of the things I learned about using an iPhone camera exclusively while on a big trip and why I’m taking my DSLR with me on the next trip. Keep the lens on the iPhone clean. This is basic, but I forget to do it All. The. Time. Holly Becker from Blogging Your Way and … Read More

Create a Beautiful Life in the Middle of the Ordinary

I’ve been going through Lisa Jacobs, Your Best Year 2018. The book has compelled me to really look at what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Basically, it’s been a sort of kick-in-the-pants I needed this year. I started thinking about things differently and that thinking caused me to dig in deep to figure out what I was doing with The Creative Season. My goal through this website, the social media outlets, the art and the products, the workshops and retreats, is to inspire you to create a beautiful life no matter what season of life you’re going through. … Read More