How to Paint Cake and Some Thoughts on Celebrating

In this week’s YouTube video, I created a video how to paint a beautiful, delicious cake with a slice removed, “Let’s Paint Cake.” I love to create ideas where it looks as if someone might step into the scene and become a part of it. I thought you might like that too. A dear friend sent me a text last week. “I love the simple things. One day we will realize that the simple things were really the most important things.” At that is why, I decided to create a celebratory painting this week, to celebrate the joy of the … Read More

How to Paint Small Floral Paintings

As the summer heat intensifies, my energy to take on big projects tends to wear down! That’s one of the reasons I love to paint small paintings. Painting small flower paintings, as inspired by the gorgeous pink Gerber daisies my brother gave to me, is one way to lose myself in paint and beauty for a few minutes in the stillness of the cool morning light. I love a slow start to a Monday. For the last several months, the travel for work has been minimal. I’ve been able to get up early and lean into the week in the … Read More

Sunflower Stationery, Art Lessons, and Other Inspiration from Summer’s Favorite Flower

Do you love sunflowers as much as I do? Sunflowers do not fail to bring a smile to my face whenever I see them. One of my favorite quotes about sunflowers was said by Helen Keller. “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.” Isn’t that lovely? It is amazing how these strong flowers will turn their faces towards the sun and literally follow the light during the course of rising and setting of the sun during the day. A life lesson, indeed. My sister and I walked into a Michael’s Art … Read More

How to Create Home Paintings with Watercolor

Have you considered painting watercolor homes for fun and a way to “travel” to other places? Painting home scenes with watercolor may be easier than you think, and it’s certainly a lot of fun! From a young age, I learned books were the portal to a wide world of travel and exploration. As I got older, I wanted more of an active role. Adulthood meant I could travel without waiting for someone to take me or permission to go! My first solo trip to the ocean is a precious memory. I spent hours walking up and down the beach, enjoying … Read More

My Memory Journal from Spring 2020

A few times a year, I pull out a manila folder of the last few months of memories, print off pictures from my camera and phone and journal in thoughts into a very loose, messy sort of art journal / memory collage I like to call my Joyful Journals. I thought it might be fun to give you an inside peek at the Joyful Journal came out from the second quarter of the year. Keeping these joyful journals  changed the way I look back on life since I started creating them a few years ago. I write about it a … Read More