Festive & Affordable Christmas Art to Create a Cozy Home for the Holidays

When I first started decorating for Christmas, not a corner went unmarked by the season! It was kind of like Christmas had thrown up everywhere in the home! I loved it, but it was a bit much. As the years go by, I’ve started being a bit more selective about what I put out. It’s not necessary to put every ornament and piece of décor out each year. Instead of putting it all out, I decorate and accentuate my home with how I want it to look and feel this year, for myself and for those who I will be … Read More

How to Finish Your Creative Projects in 2019

Every year I write about finishing around the middle/end of October. It’s not because I have some big grand secret of productivity I want to share with you (I don’t), but because yours truly needs the pep/kick-in-the-pants talk. As I edit this article, I’m sitting in an airport after a few weeks of nonstop travel. Due to an unexpected snowstorm in Denver, I’m schlepping around more luggage than I started with. Side note: I really thought it was going to an inch of snow and then sun, like when I visited let’s-snow-and-then-turn-to-70-degrees a few weeks back. No. It was a … Read More

7 Ideas for what to Paint this Autumn

The start of a new season fills me with so much anticipation. Autumn is one of those over-the-top anticipations filled seasons for me. Here are several ideas of what to paint this September. Some ideas to get your imagination spinning for what you might be thinking about. Before we get into the ideas, let’s talk about the personality of autumn. It has more to do than just colors, although colors are the way the season is often expressed. Leaning back in to the seasonal archetype model, the main characteristics of the autumn archetype are: bold, muted, warm. The shapes of … Read More

How to Create Flowers with Splatter Art

Several years ago, one of my dear friends, Timmery, sent me a picture of a beautiful picture of a field of wildflowers, made almost entirely out of acrylic splatters on canvas. The link to the site or facebook page (I think it was a facebook page) has been lost, but the memory of that wild field captured my heart. This summer the desire to create fun, high energy, color-drenched  paintings became an obsession. I’d switched jobs and the travel demands left less time for creating and really not much time for the larger, more detailed work I’d done in the … Read More

How to Pack Art Supplies To Take Almost Anywhere

Art supplies are bulky. But you don’t have to let the awkwardness of art supplies keep you from being creative on your next trip! Whether you travel for work, have a day trip planned or a week away, take your art supplies with you. There’s few things like being out of the routine environment to stimulate creativity. There’s ways to work around carrying around a lot of stuff. Here’s what I do. A DIY Compact Paint Palette In Instagram stories last year I shared the watercolor palette I put together for on-the-go. I can’t take credit for the idea, I … Read More