New Hummingbird Watercolor Originals and Prints Available

Early this summer a friend asked for a commission painting of a hummingbird for a gift. Now I recall what my Grandpa said about commissions. In short, he wasn’t a fan. It can be so stressful to try to create a painting of something that is not in your first nature. But one of the sweet lessons I’ve learned in life is that we are all gifted differently. What is frustrating for one person is a joy to another. This project was a bit nerve-racking, but I ended up loving it and creating a small collection of hummingbirds. Their rich … Read More

How to Finish 2020 with Grace & Gumption

  I’m writing this from a hospital waiting room. My mom went in for a total hip replacement late this morning, got into the OR around 1:00 and then proceeded to have a procedure that lasted twice as long as planned. Because of the health crisis of the year, I can’t go back to see her in recovery (I’m quite thankful that I’ve been able to wait in the waiting room!) but I did get to talk to her on the phone. The pain is insanely awful, to say it mildly. We both know the next couple of days will … Read More

Pumpkin Painting Ideas for the Whole Family

Fall is here, school is in session and the season has never been full of more strange things than in 2020. The fact that we use the word “zoom” so many times during the day is something I never saw coming. With all of the zooming and other interesting things 2020 brought, it’s been a comfort to return to one of my favorite fall traditions. Pumpkins. One of the sweet surprises is the people who told me they watch the YouTube Creative Season “Paint with Me” videos with their families and do the project together. That made me think that … Read More

How I Use Gold Fine Tip Markers in Fall Art

There is something I love about changing things up in my art as a new season starts. Here in Northern California, the blistering heat remains, yet I see the changes happening, ever so slight. The light is changing. It’s getting late out earlier. The sun rises later in the morning. The plants and trees are starting to change a bit too. Not the deep, robust colors of autumn, but the gentle, anticipation of the new season, a dimming perhaps? I love to fall into the traditional autumn art, but I wanted to incorporate some new techniques, colors, and products into … Read More

New Yellow Home Cards for Fall

The third card of the fall, the ‘Home Sweet Home,’ yellow house with a darling twiggy wreath is available for release today! This was one of my favorite house paintings I created this year. It captures the feeling of joy, comfort, and safety that we find when we are with our favorite people (and favorite animals?) and feel secure, safe, and able to rest, even when everything outside is chaotic. And honestly, I just loved the way the twiggy wreath on the front door came out. There is something about wreaths that are all twigs in the fall. Feels like … Read More