7 Ways to Connect to Others with Cards

  Writing long letters may fall in and out of the trend cycle, but the art of connecting with people through cards will never get old. Sending cards in the mail with a personal message extends feelings of goodwill. I think that’s why Christmas cards and holiday newsletter updates are so welcoming. We are so busy and spread apart across cities, states and even countries. Seeing a picture of someone’s family with updates of graduations and new births and milestones of the past year feels like we had a conversation. I realize that most people post milestone events things online, … Read More

Simple Steps to Paint Stunning Sunflowers

If tulips are my favorite flower to paint in the spring, sunflowers are my favorite flower to paint in the summer. Sunflowers are fabulous to paint for artists of all levels, whether you are starting out with the first time, re-engaging with paint after a hiatus or have been painting for some time. In this post, I’ll share a few tips to paint these graceful, sturdy flowers. Of course, practice is the best teacher of all. If you’d prefer to enjoy sunflowers in already-made art, you can see stationery, stickers and a limited print edition of a new Sunflower painting … Read More

Fun Goal Planning with Bullet Journals: A Messy Way to Map Out Your Vision

We all need a vision for our lives. Having a vision isn’t something only for leaders or business owners or people with fancy titles. We all need a vision because we are all leading our own lives. A vision doesn’t have to be big or fancy. It’s important because you are important and your heart and work in this world are important. A vision might be raising kids that are prepared to enter the world as responsible adults. Or transitioning from a corporate career to being a business owner. Or re-gaining your health and physical endurance. Or paying off the … Read More

Create a Vision Board for the 2nd Half of the Year

Part 2 in a series on creating a vision for the rest of the year. Read the first post here. An early morning June breeze blows through the window. The romantic music of the 2009 Pride & Prejudice movie plays softly. The envelope of words has been poured on the floor. Three packets of paper lay beside them. I flip through the papers, stopping on the earthy, neutral tones that have just an edge of gold to them. But then the pink and plum floral paper catches my eye. That’s what is in my heart and mind right now. It’s … Read More

Paint the Dreams & Prayers in Your Heart

Deby Dearman stood in front of a small group of us, her eyes bright as she talked with lots of expression. It was a hot, humid day in Nashville and we leaned in to listen, captivated by her story and curious to see where she was going with her topic of painting your dreams and prayers onto canvas. Deby’s arms moved around, pointing to color-drenched paintings on both sides of the small auditorium. She shared how she started painting her prayers and dreams. Her life as a musician and singer had been altered when she lost her ability to sing, … Read More