How to Make Almost-Perfect Stripes with Masking Tape

There’s been so many cute striped patterns on journals and images. It’s all so fun. I thought the trend might go well as a background to some floral designs I’ve been playing with. I was struggling to create a background I really loved with some floral watercolors. For whatever reason (it was probably an Instagram inspiration!), I decided to create some stripes. It can be easy to put too much into the background of an image. I like to add stripes as a way to show off the design or image. The stripes can give it a bit of more … Read More

Reverse the Resistance to Spring Projects with 5 Actions

On a recent run/walk, I chided myself on the lack of progress I was making on my new start. I ran across the bridge and turned down a rocky path, jumping out of the way to avoid a muddy puddle, leftover from recent rain. The mud reminded me of a Parker Palmer observation in his excellent essay on the seasons of life in his book, Let Your Life Speak. He states that before spring is beautiful and fragrant and full, it’s “plug ugly.” Ha! I love the visual his words provide as he talks about the “mud and muck” of … Read More

Turning Drab & Old into Fun & New!

It’s time for another 15 Minute Creative Project. I love these fun creative bursts that don’t take too much time, yet still leave that wonderful sensation of creating something lovely. One of the “secrets” of infusing more creativity in the day is having a spot set aside for creative work. It doesn’t have to be a big spot or even an entire table, just a designated spot to continue to work said project. This mixed media notebook box was one of those block projects, it was about three episodes of 15 minute creativity. I started this project last night. My … Read More

The Messiness of Spring and Starting Things in General

Parker Palmer had it right, “…there is a hard truth to be told: before spring becomes beautiful, it is plug ugly, nothing but mud and muck.” Just yesterday morning, half of the focus of my morning run was avoiding the broken branches and muddy puddles created by the previous day’s storms. It was a mixture of mud and new buds on trees. I remember my spring in Boston when I would step into what I thought was a pile of snow in March. Instead, my foot disappeared into a slush of melting snow mixed with mud- yeck! The season of … Read More

How 15 Minutes of Creativity Can Change Your Day

So many days I want to create, but feel I don’t have the time. Left unmet, the desire turned into discouragement as I looked day after day at my art desk with it’s blank watercolor paper taped down to the painting board.  Finally, I decided just to start a painting. I didn’t actually paint, I sketched out what I wanted to paint. Then, the next morning, I started to paint. I didn’t finish and I kept at it the next morning.  Then I took a course called “Boot Girls” with Christy Tomlinson. She paints fairly fast and in that course … Read More