How to Finish 2016 Strong

  A website crash last week delayed this post. Thank goodness for sites like Fiverr who have talented people to fix these things!  Instead of a 100 day goal, this is a 90 day goal from now until November 23rd.  And 90 days is still plenty of time to make progress before the end of the year!  I’d love for you to join me on this 90 day journey.  Don’t forget to leave a comment and post what you’ll be working on for the next 90 days.  It’s hard to believe we are heading in to the last third of … Read More

How to Set Up a Beautiful Starter Website (without a designer or tech knowledge)

I was at a small biz conference over the weekend and the subject of designing websites came up. There’s so much to do and learn when one is starting. Back in 2006 I paid a guy $1,000 to make a Go Daddy website from a template (I know, times have changed).  He didn’t get my vision and that was my fault.  I didn’t explain it well enough. Second, I hesitated to insist on my design.  It was one of those websites that had a black background, very dark and mysterious and pretty awful and nothing like the bright, cheerful writing … Read More

A Guide to Seasonal Archetypes for Your Brand

Hey creative friends!  I wrote this post when I was writing marketing material for small business owners, so you’ll read the occasional branding and business development reference BUT the concept of seasonal archetypes is the same whether you are designing the look of your business or choosing what colors to paint your next gorgeous art piece. Enjoy! You and I can have the most helpful, creative, incredible business in the world, but if we sink into the abyss of looking and sounding like everyone else, no one will know we will exist, we won’t connect with the right customers and … Read More

3 Reasons Why We Should Pursue ‘Impossible’ Things

Yesterday I sat and listened, laughed and teared up through one speaker after another at a two day conference I’m attending. I sat and scribbled notes as I listened to the struggles in many parts of these lovely women’s lives. It must have seemed impossible to see where their lives would go in the middle of such incredible adversity. Many women shared how terrified they were at different times of their lives, the feelings of hopelessness they experienced, the depth of pain, the trouble that seemed insurmountable. They also shared the unexpected breakthroughs, the people who had been their support … Read More

How to Use Color Effectively in Working & Living Spaces

As a nurse for a corporate company, I visited hundreds of doctor’s offices.  I would notice the art on the walls, the colors of the paint, the style of flooring and the way the office space was laid out, especially in waiting rooms (I spent a lot of time there!).  I’d look around at the people and how they sat in the office. On a side note, I thought everyone did this, but when I pointed out an intriguing color scheme to a colleague or commented on how the room brought a certain feeling, I was usually given an odd … Read More