The Personality of the Autumn Brand

Do you remember the Color Me Beautiful book (there were was an entire line of books!) that became popular in the 90’s?  Millions of women experienced breakthroughs in their personal style and makeup as they discovered the colors and clothes that would look best on them and avoided things that made them look drab and washed out. Have you ever hired a personal stylist or had a professional makeup artist apply your makeup for a special event? They have a way of pulling out your best features in a way you and I don’t seem to do with our mirror … Read More

How to Create a Brand from Scratch: The Launch of Beauty Rising Jewelry

  Building a beautiful brand starts with looking at the big vision. Everyone is different in what they want to do with their business. The important part is to nail down exactly what you’re working towards. You don’t want to jump in the lake and starting swimming in random directions- you’ll wear yourself out. Making it across the lake to the other side will wear you out too, but you’ll have reached your goal and that will feel amazing! I had the pleasure of working with Krislyn Adkinson on the launch of her jewelry line, Beauty Rising (official launch date … Read More

How to Use Collage to Get Unstuck & Refine Your Goals

It’s been fun to see collage and vision boards resurface in recent years in the online space. I think Pinterest may have had something to do with the love of collecting our favorite things onto a board. I’ve loved collage since I was a child. It was a way of expressing creativity without following the rules. Collage is both visual and visceral. It’s expressing what’s in our heart and minds that won’t always easily be put into words. As a business owner, entrepreneur or creative, why create a collage for your professional work?  I can identify six reasons working on … Read More

The Importance of Creating an Influential Brand

Last week I was invited to a class on the benefit of essential oils.  I didn’t know a lot about the topic, but I liked  Dr. Alicia Tsounis, who was leading the class and wanted to support her, so I went, found a chair in the back of the room and took a few notes.  We had met a few weeks back at an another event and discovered we enjoyed the same books and had a few other things in common. The content was fascinating; I learned several new things about my own health and how I could use natural … Read More