Create Quote Art to Stay Inspired

  I love a good quote. I also love creating – and finishing – a watercolor sketch. Combine the two and creating quote art is my favorite fast art practice of 2020. I’m an encourager at heart. That does not mean positivity naturally flows through me. Developing a more optimistic, glass-half-full mindset has been a lifelong pursuit. It’s a constant work in progress. But thanks to a wise woman, I know the power of a well spoken word at the right time. Many years ago she told me the difference kind, genuine observation makes. “So few people notice the good … Read More

How to Paint Tulips in All Sorts of Ways

painting tulips step by step

Last week, my youngest sister mentioned to me it drives her crazy to have a tutorial where the step by step actions aren’t laid out. I can relate. When I take art classes, I like to go step by step with them. I learn by doing. I created a tutorial on YouTube all about painting tulips, but I thought I would show you a step by step picture on how I often create these lovely flowers. I find painting tulips is an exercise in orderly creativity. Tulips are rather elegant, especially for the spring. The season has such an exuberant, … Read More

5 Painting & Paper DIY Projects for Mothers Day

It’s a bit cliché to say Mother’s Day is going to be a bit different this year, but I’ll go ahead and state the obvious. Mother’s Day is going to be a bit different. Typically, Mother’s Day for me looks like putting together baskets and small gifts and doing what I call the “tour.” You know what I mean right? Besides seeing my biological mom on the actual Mom’s Day, I visit the other women in my life who’ve been mom figures to me: my paternal grandmother who lives about an hour away, another woman in her eighties who refers … Read More

Journaling Ideas For Capturing the Happy Moments + 25 Prompts

25 Ideas for Starting a Journal

We are forgetful beings, us humans. I’m mortified, absolutely mortified about what I forget. I’ll look at pictures from high school and realize I don’t recall half of the people’s names. But the things I forget that make me go bananas are the things I’m sure I won’t forget.  I forget the happy and meaningful moments I want to cement in my memory! That incredible conversation with a friend, a meaningful interaction with a stranger or a transformational moment at an event. I promise myself, I won’t forget this. But… I forget the details. The impact gets fuzzy. Bleh. David … Read More

How to Add More Happy to Your Painting and Paper Art!

  There may be no better time than a time of crisis to help influence and shape our surroundings, mood and others for the better. For many of this, while the crisis of COVID-19 persists, it’s also turned into a state of perpetual anxiety as we wait… and wait…. and wait. It takes effort to keep one’s spirits up! One thing that helps me maintain a optimistic, hopeful outlook is including happy colors into my artwork and surroundings. Like many of you, I’ve loved lots of color since I was a child. But my understanding of color exploded like a … Read More