How I Use Gold Fine Tip Markers in Fall Art

There is something I love about changing things up in my art as a new season starts. Here in Northern California, the blistering heat remains, yet I see the changes happening, ever so slight. The light is changing. It’s getting late out earlier. The sun rises later in the morning. The plants and trees are starting to change a bit too. Not the deep, robust colors of autumn, but the gentle, anticipation of the new season, a dimming perhaps? I love to fall into the traditional autumn art, but I wanted to incorporate some new techniques, colors, and products into … Read More

New Yellow Home Cards for Fall

The third card of the fall, the ‘Home Sweet Home,’ yellow house with a darling twiggy wreath is available for release today! This was one of my favorite house paintings I created this year. It captures the feeling of joy, comfort, and safety that we find when we are with our favorite people (and favorite animals?) and feel secure, safe, and able to rest, even when everything outside is chaotic. And honestly, I just loved the way the twiggy wreath on the front door came out. There is something about wreaths that are all twigs in the fall. Feels like … Read More

How to Paint Cake and Some Thoughts on Celebrating

In this week’s YouTube video, I created a video how to paint a beautiful, delicious cake with a slice removed, “Let’s Paint Cake.” I love to create ideas where it looks as if someone might step into the scene and become a part of it. I thought you might like that too. A dear friend sent me a text last week. “I love the simple things. One day we will realize that the simple things were really the most important things.” At that is why, I decided to create a celebratory painting this week, to celebrate the joy of the … Read More

How to Paint Small Floral Paintings

As the summer heat intensifies, my energy to take on big projects tends to wear down! That’s one of the reasons I love to paint small paintings. Painting small flower paintings, as inspired by the gorgeous pink Gerber daisies my brother gave to me, is one way to lose myself in paint and beauty for a few minutes in the stillness of the cool morning light. I love a slow start to a Monday. For the last several months, the travel for work has been minimal. I’ve been able to get up early and lean into the week in the … Read More

Sunflower Stationery, Art Lessons, and Other Inspiration from Summer’s Favorite Flower

Do you love sunflowers as much as I do? Sunflowers do not fail to bring a smile to my face whenever I see them. One of my favorite quotes about sunflowers was said by Helen Keller. “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.” Isn’t that lovely? It is amazing how these strong flowers will turn their faces towards the sun and literally follow the light during the course of rising and setting of the sun during the day. A life lesson, indeed. My sister and I walked into a Michael’s Art … Read More