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Take Me to Paris

Ever wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower? You can in this art course! In this mini-watercolor workshop, you’ll learn how to sketch and paint the Eiffel Tower. Use this technique to create memorable paintings of your traveling dreams and memories. Perfect for those new to watercolor.

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A Thankful Home

Get into the colors and mood of fall! In this mini workshop, you’ll create your own ‘Thankful Home’ using sketching techniques, watercolor and pen. Step by step instruction given! This is the first lesson in the Enter In Holiday Workshop.

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Enter In

Celebrate the holiday season in this self-paced watercolor course! How do you ‘Enter In’ to the holiday season? Preparing our hearts to have a wonderful holiday season as we paint our way through the most Christmas-y homes, doors, Christmas trees, storefronts and more! Bonus lesson: Take your art and turn it into gifts and décor for others!

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