We all know that we need our businesses to stand out in the marketplace and connect with the customers who need and want us. Most of us know why we need to connect, we don’t know how to connect.

The way I work with companies is starting out with getting to know their place in the world. Together, we figure out exactly who is their best customer….what does that person want….need……what do they want to feel?

colorThe ‘how’ to reach your best person is color psychology. Color psychology is the study of how people respond emotionally to colors.

And that’s important because that’s what we want to create, the emotional connection between you and your customer.

How does color psychology work? Pulling in color psychology creates a strong brand by:

  • creating the best color combinations.

Color psychology gives a guide to show what colors go best together, what will create some pop. There is an infinite amount of color combinations within each season and there are some distinctive guidelines on what does not work and why.

  • distinguishing the colors that will reflect your business values and “why,” not just what the designer thinks looks good or is professional.
  • identify the best colors that will resonate with your people.

It’s essential to have a brand that stands apart.

A beautiful brand helps you and I be more comfortable talking to others about what we do and handing them our marketing materials, book or business card (yes, your branding should weave itself through online and offline marketing!) with confidence and excitement. It’s thrilling when your clients find a match in your products and services and when you find a match in them as a client.

How did I (Melissa) get here?

I’m a blend of the practical and artistic. Though I was attracted to the arts and loved everything artistic, I my path started working in healthcare. I later added writing to my skills and did a variety of copy and freelance writing: newsletters, ebooks, sales letters and such for small businesses.

Learning how to work with people and serve them in healthcare gave me a foundation for being sensitive to the needs of clients today, learn how to ask good questions and honed my abilities to teach.

Then I discovered color psychology through the work of Fiona Humberstone. I read and studied everything I could about how we respond to colors, the seasonal archetypes and the beauty of color combinations. I. fell. in. love.

The blend of art, design and practical service were the elements that led me to fall in love with brand creating. When I discovered color psychology, I knew I was home. I remember walking through my day-to-day life, figuring out what season a person reflected or what was “off” in a doctor’s office waiting room and what I would do to create a sense of harmony in that room.

What I Do

Today, I help small business owners streamline their business to what is most important…for them and for their customers.

There are so many things we could do, but few that will truly add to us and the work we want to share with the world.

I help people develop simple, easy to replicate systems for their marketing using tools like creating newsletters, batching tasks, etc.

It often starts by figuring out what kind of business they run. We use color pschology for that.

Then, we grow the business out of that process.

My goal is to help develop a brand that is harmonious with who they are and what their ideal clients need and want and sharing their business in a way that connects with what the customers want and need.

Sometimes that means working to create a way of communicating that is consistent, authentic and engaging.

Other times it means going back to the drawing board and creating a vision of where you see the business going.

Live Workshops & Experiences

I’m somewhat of a conference and workshop junkie and enjoy creating experiences where attendees are not only inspired, but real work towards the business gets done! The energy and accelerated learning that comes with a great workshop can be life changing; I can name several workshops that were pivotal in my own development.

Schedules for upcoming workshops and speaking engagements can be found here. If you’d like to hear when new workshops are posted, be sure to sign up on the mailing list (there is a form at the bottom of this page!) and the news will pop into your inbox.

Keeping Your Creativity Bucket Full to Stay Energized in Business

I started out in life with a bent towards imagination and creativity. My grandfather was an artist and I recall standing in the doorway of his studio looking in at his big bucket of water for rinsing out the brushes, the box full of half used tube of watercolors and the object of beauty: the most recent watercolor painting, stretched out on his easel.

I returned to my own study and play in art a few years back. It’s a joy for me to pull in my years of my own work as an artist  and use that knowledge to help clients create beautiful brands.  I share my joyful work on instagram. (please say hi, I love to interact with people there). Keeping my own art practice going energizes me and helps me stay on my edge to respond to the challenges of business and life.

Running a business can be draining, especially if we go through seasons where we don’t care well for ourselves. There’s more work, late nights, early mornings and stresses challenging a business that most people realize! Keeping the creative well full is important so we don’t burn out or become paralyzed by overwhelm and frustration. Besides the branding workshops, I also put on events where women come together for the joy of making, getting just a little bit messy and meeting with other creative people. Monday Makers will be up and running in the fall with events in multiple cities.

If you have questions or would like to inquire about working with me, click here and send me a quick note. I’d love to chat with you.