Welcome to my creative corner on the internet! It's so nice to have you 🙂 

The goal of the Creative Season is to provide many ways for you to infuse your life with beauty and creativity.

Whether it’s putting together a vase of flowers, creating a watercolor sketch or working on a collection of art for a new line of stationery, adding to the beauty in the world is one way I stay cheerful, hope-filled and expectant of the future.

If you are here for inspiration for your own creative journey, there are lots of ways to do that:

  • On the blog you can find all sorts of ideas, inspiration, and tutorials. I really loved putting together this post on how to paint sunflowers. A video is available too!
  • If you love to learn with video tutorials, you can find several on YouTube. I’m a bit new to the space, but the video library is growing!

I create tutorials to inspire, products to brighten your life and courses to help you on your own creative journey. If you’d like to be the first to know when a new line of stationery is released or a new video or some other fun thing, the newsletter is the best way to stay connected. We are an upbeat, cheerful community and I’d love for you to join us!

Stationery & More

Sending beautiful cards in the mail is a wonderful way to send beauty and cheer to the beloved people in your life. If you’d like to check out the ever-growing line of stationery and stickers, check out the product page here.

Brian Buffini, owner of Buffini & Company (largest real estate training company in the USA), states that nothing has done more to change his business, took less time, and cost less money than writing cards. 

I'm also a huge believer in the power of written communication. In a world where email inboxes overflow, few people send - and receive - personal mail. Research shows personal mail continues to impact decisions, build trust and bring happy feelings to the recipient. (Who doesn't love receiving a gorgeous card with a kind greeting?)

To see the special options for professionals looking for to stay connected and build their business with clients and colleagues using the power of beautiful imagery + written word, check out this page.

I've created Card Bundles at a discounted price. If you're looking for creative ways to communicate with clients, I share several ideas in this article

Please email me at melissa@thecreativeseason.com for inquiries about personalization and special orders.

Fun Courses to Fuel Your Own Creative Journey

If you asked me what has influenced me the most over the last decade of my life I would answer: events and courses.

It’s the people I’ve met, the accelerated nature of a course or workshop, the energy of the atmosphere: all these things and more have fueled my own growth.

Here at The Creative Season, there are courses to help propel you on your own creative journey. I love the reflective and deeply introspective work that comes out of doing a course in the safety of home. Each course can be done at your own pace. Find out more here. Some of them are free, a fun way to taste and see if you like my style 😊

When I host events, you can find them on this page.

Thank you for stopping by! If you have any questions or want to say hi, you can find me on Instagram @melissauclair or in my email inbox Melissa@thecreativeseason.com