Beauty, cheerful, lots of color, joyful, a bit of romance and adventure.

These are the feelings and characteristics I want you to experience when you bring my art into your world, take one of the courses or create your own Joyfilled Journals.

My goal is to add to the beauty in your world, inspire you to dream and stay on the lookout for the joyful, even in the middle (perhaps especially in the middle) of mundane and regular living.

A little about me…I’m obsessed with holidays, flowers, the idea of being an adventurer and seasons.

The idea of adventure is intriguing, but I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a Bilbo Baggins when it comes to adventure. I do prefer the comforts of home. However, also like Bilbo, I’ve undertaken several adventures in my life (with large periods of un-adventuring in between them) and they’ve changed me for the better. I’m intrigued by others whose lives seem to be characterized by a sense of adventure and love to learn about them.

The seasons also intrigue me, not only the physical characteristics of spring, summer, autumn and winter, but the underlying lessons and principles that go along with the seasons of nature, and the seasons of our lives.

When I first discovered the seasonal archetypes and the connection to color psychology, I dove in deep. A lot of season work shows up in art, courses and writing work of The Creative Season.

Creativity can help us in and through every season- the good, the bad, the dreariness of our winters and the joyous growth of our springs.

Whether it’s winter or spring time in your life, art and journaling chronicles the journey and keep you going. There’s always another season around the corner.

If you’re curious about my art, you can find it in the shop here. I release collections a few times a year.

Occasionally, I release courses inviting others to come along and create with me. If you’re curious about the courses, you can see what’s available on this page. Courses are inspired by the holidays, seasons and living with a sense of romance: three things I’ve stayed interested in for years.

If you prefer to interact in a live setting, you can see what’s happening on the workshop schedule.

Accelerated learning, diving deeply into a project or learning a new skill live, with a group of other people, leaves us inspired and refreshed. It also opens up opportunity for friendships with other like minded souls.

Some of the sweetest and rich relationships in my life have formed at an event, workshop or conference.

A large part of the work on The Creative Season is encouraging people to capture their memories on paper by creating a Joyfilled Journal. Click over and learn more about Joyfilled Journal.

You can see what I use to create a Joyful Journal here as well as a link to how to create a Joyful Journal from a traveling trip here and how to Capture Your Year in a Journal.

If you’d like to see where Joyfilled Journaling classes are being held, go to the workshop schedule here.