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I know the frustration of not creating the beautiful art that is in your heart, especially with limited time and resources. Here are three tips to get you started to creating more beautiful art. To get access to all the tips, (it's a free email course), sign up below. I'll send one tip each week for the next 21 weeks.

Even utilizing a few of these tips will help you with your work! I'm excited for you to grow!

Tip #1: Try sticking to a certain schedule for painting. Play with it but learn what works.

Are you a night painter, a first thing in the morning painter, or a weekend creative? Every day or three times a week? Schedule time as if it were an exercise routine and do it for at least three weeks to see if it sticks.

Learning to paint more beautiful paintings is a lot like getting into shape: knowing when you are at your best to work out (and exercising at THAT time) is one way to do your best work with the least amount of frustration.

Tip #2: Paint 2-3 paintings at the same time.

I know our teachers taught us to work on ONE thing at a time before moving onto the next project, but letting go of this concept was a game changer for me.

There are multiple benefits to working on multiple paintings at the same time. First, if I get stuck on one, I can move to the next. Usually I am feeling fresh when I return to the original. Second, if I am using the same color palette, working on multiple pieces ensures the colors stay the same.

Tip #3: Improve your drawing skills.

Que the groans. I’ve always preferred painting to drawing too. Bring on the color!

Drawing feels like work while painting is life and breath to me.

My grandfather, a working fine artist, gave me the advice in my early twenties when I brought paintings to him. After looking at them, he said to me, “Work on your drawing more.” Then he took his pencil and with my okay, he made changes by extending this, adding a shadow here, lengthening the rose stalk there, etc. etc. He was right. Drawing helps me see things in a different way, thus improving my paintings.

Especially focus on shadows and perspective. Focus on these two things in drawing has made the biggest difference in creating paintings that have a depth and life to them now that used to be lacking.

Are these tips encouraging you to pull out your paintbrushes (and drawing pencils!) and get started?

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I'm Melissa, founder of The Creative Season and I'm excited to share with you '21 Tips to Create More Beautiful Paintings.'

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