3 Reasons Why to Pull Out Your Art Box and Create this Christmas

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to teach live in Jessi Camacho’s Splash Art crafting group.

It was fun and just a little nerve-racking because sometimes creating with eyes on you does not turn out well. The paint gets a mind of its own and goes everywhere!!! I did my best to go with the flow.

Despite the nerves (and the temperamental paint!), it was a blast.

One of the joys of the holiday season is getting messy with some projects and enjoying that sense of satisfaction when we make things.

That’s why, when I began to dream about an online retreat, The Christmas Collective, I wanted to have full masterclasses and workshops where people could create with us and complete a full project.

While I have some interviews with a few leaders in the field planned, the goal is to create a sense of a retreat where we can create together, get a little messy, and have fun while we prepare our hearts and minds for the holiday season.

We all really need it right now!

Play and creativity can seem like luxuries. How many of us relegate creating as something to indulge in when time allows, not an activity to prioritize?

But creating and doing things with our hands may be more important than you think.

Here are three reasons why:

Creating with our hands gets us out of our head.

Staying in our head allows anxiety to fester and grow.

And right now, we are drowning in an anxious time.

When we scroll, read, listen, etc. all that information is downloaded into our head.

And then we think about it.

And worry about it.

All the conversations, the challenges, the deadlines at work, the concerns about family, it all stays in our heads.

We desperately need an outlet of release.

Sometimes it is too much of a mess up in my head to even get a clear thought or figure out a problem.

The accumulation of an overwhelming amount of thoughts, concerns and news in my heads turns into a big ball of yarn that is all jangled and tangled.

Where do I even begin to start unraveling? And how?

Perhaps that is why crocheting a scarf, creating a collage, painting watercolors, kneading bread dough, making cookies were all much more part of daily lives in our forebearers.

While it’s easier and more convenient to buy a loaf of bread and our own clothes (and I’m thankful to do so), are we missing the result of creating: a calmer and more rooted interior life?

Creating physical things, doing things with our hands has a fascinating way of calming our interior selves down.

And when my interior calms down, it’s easier to plan, pray, and problem solve.

Creating Stimulates Learning and Problem Solving

Entertainment is great, but we are becoming more and more of a culture that is passively entertained rather than actively engaging with our minds and hearts and bodies.

Nothing against streaming services (I enjoy them too!) but too much time watching other people’s activities and lives is draining instead of energizing.

While stats abound on the dangers of passively consuming hours of online content, what is not talked about as much is that creating/doing/making has the opposite effect of passive entertainment consumption.

Turns out making things, creating art, designing ornaments: all these things stimulate our brain activity, decreases stress, increases a sense of happiness and overall does so many good things for us.

Forbes covered several studies showing how pursuing creative hobbies improves brain function, decreases dementia, decreases stress and loneliness on top of other mental and physical benefits.

In this fascinating clinical study, those who participated in art workshops reported a decrease in stress anxiety and an increase in positive emotions.

The holiday season is an ideal time to practice your favorite kind of creating, to dust off your hobbies, or discover a new ‘something’ to decorate your home, give as gifts or create in the kitchen.

That is why I’m encouraging everyone who signs up for The Christmas Collective to create with us throughout the Christmas Collective online summit. It isn’t reasonable to do everything, but pick a few ideas to do, even with us (the replays will be available)! If you haven’t signed up yet for the Creative Collective, you can do so here.

If you don’t have a favorite creative outlet, I can just about assure you that you will have several ideas to dive in to as you go through this event!

Creating Adds to the Beauty

The third reason it is important to make things is that your creating adds beauty to our world.

It doesn’t matter if the creating results in a pumpkin roll, a scarf, a handmade stuffed animal, a Christmas wreath or watercolor art.

When you share your gifts, you add to the beauty.

We need beauty more than ever.

If you’d like to be inspired with new ideas for creating a cozy, cheerful, and joyful Christmas, sign up for the Christmas Collective online summit. Registration is free. We are going to have so much fun as we share ideas, projects, what is inspiring us, and why we love the holidays so much!

Get ready to be inspired and take some time to dream and plan for your holiday season this year before the intensity of the holidays hit us. The Christmas Collective summit will be live November 11 through the 14th with a different focus for each day.

There is also a video from me where I share my heart behind this fun and creative online retreat.

I’m so excited to meet you and bring some fun and inspiration to your Christmas planning and making!