Why Celebrating the Christmas Season is Essential

For those of us who celebrate and host holiday events, the Christmas season is where we shine. The holiday season is where we do some of our most important work.

You may not see your contribution as a holiday leader as important, but it is.

What you contribute during the holiday season makes an impact.

A few years ago, I wrote Don’t Let Christmas Kill You, A Woman’s Guide to Avoiding Financial Disaster, Relational Crisis & Holiday Hysteria. It was a book mostly about the interior:  the interior of our hearts, minds, and calendars.

And I thought it was time to write a follow-up book this year.

But it turns out I’m doing something completely different than a book.

Instead of writing (and talking about) a book, I’m hosting an online Christmas conference for the women who make Christmas “the most wonderful time of the year” for their family, friends, and communities.

Having a Wonderful Holiday Season Starts with Our Own Hearts, Minds & Calendars

Before I tell you about the conference, let’s rewind to the holiday disaster I was for several years.

I had high expectations for the holiday to deliver all the feelings of wonder, joy, and magic I desired, for me and the people surrounding me.

It’s hard to enjoy Christmas and create a merry Christmas for others if the inside of our own hearts and minds are crammed full of nervous energy, fear, overwhelm, overcommitment and mass insecurity.

I spent way too much, stayed up late, and got up early.

By the time Christmas came around I was too exhausted to enjoy it! And the next day I’d wake up, pour a big cup of coffee, climb back into bed and promise myself, “next year will be better.”

Those were the days of the holiday hangover and it had nothing to do with alcohol consumption!

In my book I share my love for the holidays; like so many of us it was rooted in a good place but I expressed my desires and hopes in all the wrong ways.

It took a few years of getting healthier, making hard decisions and being willing to take a hard look at what I was doing and why I was doing it.

The holidays are complicated. It takes a while to come to a place of peace at the holidays. No holiday season is perfect. (That was one thing I needed to learn to accept).

Hard stuff and hard times do not take a break between the dates of November 26th and January 1st. Our problems and financial situations, and health don’t magically disappear either (if only!)

When I’ve Got My Heart Full and My Calendar Planned, I am Prepared to Focus on Others

While Don’t Let Christmas Kill You was about the interior, my focus this year is more exterior.

We need the celebration of the holiday season every year, but with 2020’s fatiguing circumstances, our people are even more hopeful and reliant on a cozy and comforting holiday season to finish out the year.

So while a few years ago, I focused on helping women get through the interior stuff inside, this year I want to encourage us to put on our Christmas gear and make the magic happen for our friends and family.

This is our time to shine, doing what we do best: creating meaningful moments and “setting the table” for a cozy and comforting holiday season.

It is no small thing to go out and create a holiday season designed to create a sense of cozy, cheer, and comfort for those around us.

That’s where the Christmas Collective Online Summit comes in.

For us to create a time of cozy, comfort, and joy for others, we need to create some space to for our own hearts and minds to celebrate. The summit takes care of our interior with planning guides, masterclasses and ideas to fill your own heart. There are several women including Paula Fiihr and Linda Tieu creating workshops with a focus on memory making in fun and creative ways that inspire our imagination.

The Christmas Collective also focuses on the exterior. There are several masterclasses and workshops on creative gift gifting, how to set up a Christmas party with a virtual component, different recipes to make with your family and so forth.

The Christmas Collective will Inspire You to Create and Enjoy a Cozy Holiday Season

I thought I was going to write a book about Christmas this year, a follow up to Don’t Let Christmas Kill You: A Woman’s Guide to Avoiding Financial Disaster, Relational Crisis & Holiday Hysteria.

Instead, I’m hosting a conference, gathering all sorts of creatives with all sorts of backgrounds to come together to encourage the women (and men) who make Christmas happen with inspiration, ideas, and a rejuvenation of a bit of holiday wonder.

This is an invitation to fill up your own heart, soul, and mind before you go out and create a wonderful holiday season for everyone else.

I’ve purposely scheduled it before Thanksgiving on November 11-14th.

This is what I know. Once Thanksgiving is over, if the dreaming, praying, planning & prioritizing has not been started, it’s a bit of a lost cause. The days and weeks simply fly.

To fill up for the holidays, I have learned to start before. I know we are all incredibly busy.

The Christmas Collective Online Summit is your opportunity to get inspired with interviews and masterclasses from women like you who love the holidays.

Attend a few sessions or watch them all. It is going to be a wonderful time.

I so hope you will join us.

Registration is free. You can learn more about the Christmas Collective Summit here.