Pumpkin Painting Ideas for the Whole Family

Fall is here, school is in session and the season has never been full of more strange things than in 2020. The fact that we use the word “zoom” so many times during the day is something I never saw coming.

With all of the zooming and other interesting things 2020 brought, it’s been a comfort to return to one of my favorite fall traditions.


One of the sweet surprises is the people who told me they watch the YouTube Creative Season “Paint with Me” videos with their families and do the project together.

That made me think that perhaps the whole family might like to get together and paint pumpkins. Pumpkins are easy, comforting, relaxing, and, in my humble opinion, the happiest vegetable of the season.

Pumpkins are the universal sign of autumn. They resemble so much of the season: the rich colors, the fun shapes, a beautiful way to decorate the home, something fun to carve up in fun shapes, the shift from warm to cold and everything spicy and sweet the autumn season brings. All this and more is the pumpkin.

This year, instead of buying pumpkin décor, try creating your own.

Better yet, get your kids in on the action and create a collection of pumpkins your whole family can paint and enjoy together.

Here are some different ideas for pumpkins you might like to create:

The Traditional Pumpkin

The soft curves, the happy sensation of the pumpkin, the warmth of the colors…all these things make painting pumpkins a lovely way to unwind after a busy week.

I’ve been painting so many pumpkins lately. Soon, they’ll be finding their way into envelopes and mailboxes. Why not get your kids, tweens, and even the teens involved in a fun art project? Whether you need something to incorporate into your homeschool routine or need a project for the weekend, pumpkins are fun to paint no matter how young or old.

The Stylish Pumpkin

Years ago, I took a class with Junelle Jacobs. As you all know, I love the seasons. Junelle’s soft and adventurous spirit and her love for the holidays made me so happy! I took a fall class one year and we painted pumpkins and styled them up with bows around the stems. I’ve never forgotten that part of the class and every year at least one pumpkin gets styled up with a little bit of bling and bows.

The Pumpkin Patch

Create a lot of pumpkins in a pumpkin patch setting. This is fun and it’s a bit more challenging because I threw in the curvy path and perspective and all of that.

Creating pumpkins in a landscape creates a story, more so than the single pumpkin laying flat on a page. Don’t you kind of want to jump into this page? Me too 🙂

This could be a very therapeutic project for an evening or a weekend morning. Drawing shapes and more shapes, then painting them in with different shades and shadows of orange, adding in steps.

The Pink Pumpkin

A few years ago, I created “The Pink Pumpkin” Collection and played off the autumn shades of plum and mauve to create a rich, fun, and very not-traditional collection of acrylic paintings. It was fun and different. There are still a few of the pumpkin paintings in the Etsy shop this season.

You – or one of your teens – may have a blast getting out of the traditional color scheme and experimenting with a new palette. I chose pinks, plums, cinnamon browns that all fell into the autumn seasonal archetype palette- rich, warm, muted colors.

The Pumpkin as Part of A Larger Picture

If I’m painting homes in the fall, I’m adding some sort of element of the season. If it’s not an apple tree, it’s going to be a pumpkin. Sometimes I go a bit crazy and add pumpkins everywhere! Pumpkins are fun and like adding an animal or a book, they personalize a painting. It gets a bit softer and more intimate when we see things in the paintings we relate to and love. Adding pumpkins and twiggy wreaths to my seasonal fall houses invoke a feeling of comforting coziness.

I created this video over the summer on YouTube sharing how to sketch and paint a small home. You can see where adding in a few pumpkins would not be hard at all!

Of course, there are all sorts of things we can do with our pumpkin paintings! We can create bookmarks and cards, small art for snail mail, or large art to hang on the door. There are so many possibilities!

What kind of pumpkins are you creating? Do share your pumpkin art on Instagram or on the Facebook page. I would LOVE to see it. Of course, I’ll be sharing my art as well. We’ll keep each other inspired and encouraged in the start of this autumn season.

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