New Yellow Home Cards for Fall

The third card of the fall, the ‘Home Sweet Home,’ yellow house with a darling twiggy wreath is available for release today!

This was one of my favorite house paintings I created this year. It captures the feeling of joy, comfort, and safety that we find when we are with our favorite people (and favorite animals?) and feel secure, safe, and able to rest, even when everything outside is chaotic.

And honestly, I just loved the way the twiggy wreath on the front door came out. There is something about wreaths that are all twigs in the fall.

Feels like harvest time.

These cards are printed on laid paper. Laid paper has a texture to it. In fact, the Home Sweet Home cards have the look of a watercolor painted on textured cold press watercolor paper. I’m thrilled these cards look and feel similar to the feel of the original artwork they were printed on.

The cards are 4×6, enough space to write several sentences, a folded article, a business card, etc.

They are on sale in The Creative Season shop, a pack of 15 (with white envelopes) for $25.00.

For smaller orders, they can be purchased in packs of 3 (with white envelopes) for $10.00 in the Etsy shop.

The other two cards are the Sunflower Greeting card and the Sunflower Trio, both come with goldenrod envelopes. They can be purchased on The Creative Season shop or in my Etsy store.

Cards by Melissa AuClair

Happy September! It’s a big chaotic out there, but it’s a beautiful time of year to celebrate the comfort and security of home.